Python reimplementation of Liftbot
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Signed-off-by: Sean Cross <>
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A Python implementation of Liftbot.


This requires some sort of modem, particularly one of the cx9300x lineage. You can get this information by running ATI on your modem.

You also need a phone line. Ideally one with Caller ID.

You must also have a Telegram bot token. You can get this by talking to the BotFather. Once you start a chat with your new bot, you can extract the chat ID from the incoming messages.


To install, use whatever is most popular to create a Python environment. Then install the requirements:

python -mpip install -r requirements.txt

Then, run this program:

python --key 8675309:AAZ849320666Wl --chat -5123944 --allowed-numbers 8675309 91133221=Geoff "17603235532=James Madison" --modem /dev/ttyUSB0


To make things persistent, copy liftbot-py@.service to /etc/systemd/system and run sudo systemctl enable liftbot-py@ttyACM0.service followed by sudo systemctl start liftbot-py@ttyACM0.service. You can change the ttyACM0 to whatever your modem is.