Fossasia 2022 Renode Talk
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reveal.js is an open source HTML presentation framework. It enables anyone with a web browser to create beautiful presentations for free. Check out the live demo at

The framework comes with a powerful feature set including nested slides, Markdown support, Auto-Animate, PDF export, speaker notes, LaTeX typesetting, syntax highlighted code and an extensive API.


Hakim's open source work is supported by GitHub sponsors. Special thanks to:

Your app, enterprise-ready.
Start selling to enterprise customers with just a few lines of code. Add Single Sign-On (and more) in minutes instead of months.
All your environment variables, in one place
Stop struggling with scattered API keys, hacking together home-brewed tools, and avoiding access controls. Keep your team and servers in sync with Doppler.

Getting started

Online Editor

Want to create your presentation using a visual editor? Try the official reveal.js presentation platform for free at It's made by the same people behind reveal.js.

MIT licensed | Copyright © 2011-2022 Hakim El Hattab,