lxbuildenv: fix generation of initial python

It still doesn't work (owing to some bit rot), but it's better now.

Signed-off-by: Sean Cross <sean@xobs.io>
Sean Cross 4 years ago
parent 68694294e1
commit f9eeee3ff7

@ -178,6 +178,9 @@ def check_yosys(args):
def check_arachne(args):
return check_cmd(args, "arachne-pnr")
def check_icestorm(args):
return check_cmd(args, "icepack") and check_cmd(args, "nextpnr-ice40")
dependency_checkers = {
'python': check_python_version,
'vivado': check_vivado,
@ -185,6 +188,7 @@ dependency_checkers = {
'riscv': check_riscv,
'yosys': check_yosys,
'arachne-pnr': check_arachne,
'icestorm': check_icestorm,
# Validate that the required dependencies (Vivado, compilers, etc.)
@ -361,7 +365,11 @@ import lxbuildenv
from migen import *
from litex.build.generic_platform import *
from litex.build.xilinx import VivadoProgrammer, XilinxPlatform
from litex.build.generic_platform import Pins, IOStandard
from litex.soc.integration import SoCSDRAM
from litex.soc.integration.builder import Builder
from litex.soc.integration.soc_core import csr_map_update
_io = [
("clk50", 0, Pins("J19"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")),