Kernel library crate for xous
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26 lines
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#if __riscv_xlen == 64
# define STORE sd
# define LOAD ld
# define LOG_REGBYTES 3
# define STORE sw
# define LOAD lw
# define LOG_REGBYTES 2
.global start_kmain
li t0, (1 << 11) | (1 << 5)
csrw mstatus, t0
csrw mepc, a0
add a0, a1, zero
add a1, a2, zero
add a2, a3, zero
add a3, a4, zero
add a4, a5, zero
add a5, a6, zero
add a6, a7, zero
add a7, zero, zero
mret // Return to kmain