LCA2020 Betrusted [partial] presentation
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## Contributing
Please keep the [issue tracker]( limited to **bug reports**, **feature requests** and **pull requests**.
### Personal Support
If you have personal support or setup questions the best place to ask those are [StackOverflow](
### Bug Reports
When reporting a bug make sure to include information about which browser and operating system you are on as well as the necessary steps to reproduce the issue. If possible please include a link to a sample presentation where the bug can be tested.
### Pull Requests
- Should follow the coding style of the file you work in, most importantly:
- Tabs to indent
- Single-quoted strings
- Should be made towards the **dev branch**
- Should be submitted from a feature/topic branch (not your master)
### Plugins
Please do not submit plugins as pull requests. They should be maintained in their own separate repository. More information here: