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#ifndef RPI_H_
#define RPI_H_
/* gpio modes. */
#define PI_INPUT 0
#define PI_OUTPUT 1
#define PI_ALT0 4
#define PI_ALT1 5
#define PI_ALT2 6
#define PI_ALT3 7
#define PI_ALT4 3
#define PI_ALT5 2
void gpioSetMode(unsigned gpio, unsigned mode);
int gpioGetMode(unsigned gpio);
/* Values for pull-ups/downs off, pull-down and pull-up. */
#define PI_PUD_OFF 0
#define PI_PUD_DOWN 1
#define PI_PUD_UP 2
void gpioSetPullUpDown(unsigned gpio, unsigned pud);
int gpioRead(unsigned gpio);
void gpioWrite(unsigned gpio, unsigned level);
void gpioTrigger(unsigned gpio, unsigned pulseLen, unsigned level);
/* Bit (1<<x) will be set if gpio x is high. */
uint32_t gpioReadBank1(void);
uint32_t gpioReadBank2(void);
/* To clear gpio x bit or in (1<<x). */
void gpioClearBank1(uint32_t bits);
void gpioClearBank2(uint32_t bits);
/* To set gpio x bit or in (1<<x). */
void gpioSetBank1(uint32_t bits);
void gpioSetBank2(uint32_t bits);
unsigned gpioHardwareRevision(void);
/* Returns the number of microseconds after system boot. Wraps around
after 1 hour 11 minutes 35 seconds.
uint32_t gpioTick(void);
int gpioInitialise(void);
#endif /* RPI_H_ */