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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This variable defines all the external programs that this module
# relies on. lxbuildenv reads this variable in order to ensure
# the build will finish without exiting due to missing third-party
# programs.
LX_DEPENDENCIES = ["riscv", "icestorm", "yosys"]
# Import lxbuildenv to integrate the deps/ directory
import lxbuildenv
# Disable pylint's E1101, which breaks completely on migen
from migen import Module, Signal, Instance, ClockDomain, If, run_simulation
from migen.genlib.resetsync import AsyncResetSynchronizer
from import LatticePlatform
from import Pins, IOStandard, Misc, Subsignal
from litex.soc.integration import SoCCore
from litex.soc.integration.builder import Builder
from litex.soc.integration.soc_core import csr_map_update
from litex.soc.interconnect import wishbone
from litex.soc.interconnect.csr import CSR, CSRStorage, AutoCSR
def csr_test(dut):
for i in range(20):
counter = yield dut.counter
# test_value = yield dut.test_value.w
(test_value) = yield from
print("CSR value: {} / {}".format(counter, test_value))
# yield from CSRStorage.update_csrs()
class TestCSR(Module, AutoCSR):
def __init__(self):
# self.counter = Signal(8)
# self.test_value = CSR(8)
# self.result = Signal(8)
# self.read_result = Signal()
# self.sync += [
# self.counter.eq(self.counter+1),
# self.test_value.w.eq(self.counter),
# self.result.eq(self.test_value.r),
# self.read_result.eq(,
# ]
self.counter = Signal(8)
self.test_value = CSRStorage(8, write_from_dev=True)
self.result = Signal(8)
self.result_re = Signal()
self.sync += [
def main():
dut = TestCSR()
for x in dir(dut):
print("x: {}".format(x))
for csr in dut.get_csrs():
print("csr: {}".format(csr))
if isinstance(csr, CSRStorage) and hasattr(csr, "dat_w"):
print("Adding CSRStorage patch")
dut.sync += [
run_simulation(dut, csr_test(dut), vcd_name="csr-test.vcd")
if __name__ == "__main__":