8 Commits (ab5a18c345f029985583c2da530a62eb48a1985e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Hakim El Hattab 29ea072ddf fix npm security warnings, auto run tests when changed
4 years ago
Dariusz Rumiński aee62ff0af
.gitignore - ignore package-lock.json file
5 years ago
Bjoern Kimminich 5abf5001a8 ignoring IntelliJ IDEA files
7 years ago
Hakim El Hattab 3aaca471b1 stop tracking minified files #783
9 years ago
jamestwebber 286acf371b Add generated css and js to gitignore
9 years ago
Hakim El Hattab ecb4347ec1 modularize themes and convert them to sass (closes #191)
10 years ago
Rebecca Murphey 60f2eb9fb3 taking a stab at a presenter notes server
11 years ago
Hakim El Hattab fdd6b36f01 initial commit
12 years ago