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# This is the main Makefile, which uses MicroPython build system,
# but Zephyr arch-specific toolchain and target-specific flags.
# This Makefile builds MicroPython as a library, and then calls
# recursively Makefile.zephyr to build complete application binary
# using Zephyr build system.
# To build a "minimal" configuration, use "make-minimal" wrapper.
BOARD ?= qemu_x86
CONF_FILE = prj_$(BOARD)_merged.conf
# Default heap size is 16KB, which is on conservative side, to let
# it build for smaller boards, but it won't be enough for larger
# applications, and will need to be increased.
FROZEN_DIR = scripts
# Default target
# Zephyr (generated) config files - must be defined before include below
Z_EXPORTS = outdir/$(OUTDIR_PREFIX)/Makefile.export
ifneq ($(MAKECMDGOALS), clean)
include $(Z_EXPORTS)
include ../py/
include $(TOP)/py/
INC += -I.
INC += -I$(TOP)
INC += -I$(ZEPHYR_BASE)/net/ip
INC += -I$(ZEPHYR_BASE)/net/ip/contiki
INC += -I$(ZEPHYR_BASE)/net/ip/contiki/os
SRC_C = main.c \
help.c \
modusocket.c \
modutime.c \
modzephyr.c \
modmachine.c \
machine_pin.c \
uart_core.c \
lib/utils/stdout_helpers.c \
lib/utils/printf.c \
lib/utils/pyexec.c \
lib/utils/interrupt_char.c \
lib/mp-readline/readline.c \
# List of sources for qstr extraction
OBJ = $(PY_O) $(addprefix $(BUILD)/, $(SRC_C:.c=.o))
-std=gnu99 -fomit-frame-pointer -DNDEBUG -DMICROPY_HEAP_SIZE=$(MICROPY_HEAP_SIZE) $(CFLAGS_EXTRA) $(INC)
include $(TOP)/py/
# We use single target here ($(Z_EXPORTS)) for simplicity, but actually
# number of things get generated here: 'initconfig' generates C header for
# Kconfig configuration, 'outputexports' generates make environment with CC,
# etc., and 'lib' generates other headers which may be included by zephyr.h,
# e.g. DTS-related.
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.zephyr BOARD=$(BOARD) CONF_FILE=$(CONF_FILE) initconfig outputexports lib
GENERIC_TARGETS = all zephyr run qemu qemugdb flash debug debugserver
initconfig config nconfig menuconfig xconfig gconfig \
oldconfig silentoldconfig defconfig savedefconfig \
allnoconfig allyesconfig alldefconfig randconfig \
listnewconfig olddefconfig
CLEAN_TARGETS = pristine mrproper
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.zephyr BOARD=$(BOARD) CONF_FILE=$(CONF_FILE) $@
build/genhdr/qstr.i.last: | $(Z_EXPORTS)
# If we recreate libmicropython, also cause zephyr.bin relink
# MicroPython's global clean cleans everything, fast
CLEAN_EXTRA = outdir
# Clean Zephyr things in Zephyr way
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.zephyr BOARD=$(BOARD) clean
# This rule is for prj_$(BOARD)_merged.conf, not $(CONF_FILE), which
# can be overriden
prj_$(BOARD)_merged.conf: prj_base.conf prj_$(BOARD).conf
$(PYTHON) prj_base.conf prj_$(BOARD).conf $@
cd $(TOP)/tests && ./run-tests --target minimal --device "execpty:make -C ../zephyr run BOARD=$(BOARD) QEMU_PTY=1"