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Adafruit's CircuitPython Documentation

The latest documentation can be found at:

The documentation you see there is generated from the files in the whole tree:

Building the documentation locally

If you're making changes to the documentation, you should build the documentation locally so that you can preview your changes.

Install Sphinx, recommonmark, and optionally (for the RTD-styling), sphinx_rtd_theme, preferably in a virtualenv:

 pip install sphinx
 pip install recommonmark
 pip install sphinx_rtd_theme

In circuitpython/, build the docs:

make html

You'll find the index page at _build/html/index.html.

More flexibility

Running make by itself will list out the multiple doc generating commands available.

All commands will, by default, run with -E (forces a rebuild from scratch of docs) and -v (verbosity level 1). This can be customized as desired:

# will turn OFF the force rebuild
make html FORCE=

# will turn OFF the verbosity
make html VERBOSE=

# will turn OFF the force rebuild and make it doubly verbose when running
make html FORCE= VERBOSE="-v -v"

You can also pass other options to sphinx by using SPHINXOPTS.

make html SPHINXOPTS="-T"

For more flexibility and customization, take a look at the Makefile for all variables you can pass in and overwrite.