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# This is a Sphinx documentation tool extension which allows to
# exclude some Python modules from the generated indexes. Modules
# are excluded both from "modindex" and "genindex" index tables
# (in the latter case, all members of a module are excluded).
# To control exclusion, set "modindex_exclude" variable in Sphinx
# to the list of modules to exclude. Note: these should be
# modules (as defined by py:module directive, not just raw filenames).
# This extension works by monkey-patching Sphinx core, so potentially
# may not work with untested Sphinx versions. It tested to work with
# 1.2.2 and 1.4.2
# Copyright (c) 2016 Paul Sokolovsky
# Licensed under the terms of BSD license, see LICENSE file.
import sphinx
#org_PythonModuleIndex_generate = None
org_PyObject_add_target_and_index = None
org_PyModule_run = None
# No longer used, PyModule_run() monkey-patch does all the job
def PythonModuleIndex_generate(self, docnames=None):
docnames = []
excludes = self.domain.env.config['modindex_exclude']
for modname, (docname, synopsis, platforms, deprecated) in['modules'].items():
if modname not in excludes:
return org_PythonModuleIndex_generate(self, docnames)
def PyObject_add_target_and_index(self, name_cls, sig, signode):
if hasattr(self.env, "ref_context"):
# Sphinx 1.4
ref_context = self.env.ref_context
# Sphinx 1.2
ref_context = self.env.temp_data
modname = self.options.get(
'module', ref_context.get('py:module'))
#print("*", modname, name_cls)
if modname in self.env.config['modindex_exclude']:
return None
return org_PyObject_add_target_and_index(self, name_cls, sig, signode)
def PyModule_run(self):
env = self.state.document.settings.env
modname = self.arguments[0].strip()
excl = env.config['modindex_exclude']
if modname in excl:
self.options['noindex'] = True
EXCLUDES.setdefault(modname, []).append(env.docname)
return org_PyModule_run(self)
def setup(app):
app.add_config_value('modindex_exclude', [], 'html')
# global org_PythonModuleIndex_generate
# org_PythonModuleIndex_generate =
# = PythonModuleIndex_generate
global org_PyObject_add_target_and_index
org_PyObject_add_target_and_index = = PyObject_add_target_and_index
global org_PyModule_run
org_PyModule_run = = PyModule_run