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# log the accelerometer values to a .csv-file on the SD-card
import pyb
accel = pyb.Accel() # create object of accelerometer
blue = pyb.LED(4) # create object of blue LED
log = open('/sd/log.csv', 'w') # open file to write data - /sd/ is the SD-card, /flash/ the internal memory
blue.on() # turn on blue LED
for i in range(100): # do 100 times (if the board is connected via USB, you can't write longer because the PC tries to open the filesystem which messes up your file.)
t = pyb.millis() # get time since reset
x, y, z = accel.filtered_xyz() # get acceleration data
log.write('{},{},{},{}\n'.format(t,x,y,z)) # write data to file
log.close() # close file # turn off LED