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MicroPython Documentation

The MicroPython documentation can be found at:

The documentation you see there is generated from the files in the docs tree:

Building the documentation locally

If you're making changes to the documentation, you may want to build the documentation locally so that you can preview your changes.

Install Sphinx, and optionally (for the RTD-styling), sphinx_rtd_theme, preferably in a virtualenv:

 pip install sphinx
 pip install sphinx_rtd_theme

In micropython/docs, build the docs:

make MICROPY_PORT=<port_name> html

Where <port_name> can be unix, pyboard, wipy or esp8266.

You'll find the index page at micropython/docs/build/<port_name>/html/index.html.

PDF manual generation

This can be achieved with:

make MICROPY_PORT=<port_name> latexpdf

but require rather complete install of LaTeX with various extensions. On Debian/Ubuntu, try (500MB+ download):

apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-extra