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import sys
import os
import machine
RC = "./"
CONFIG = "./"
def input_choice(prompt, choices):
while 1:
resp = input(prompt)
if resp in choices:
return resp
def getpass(prompt):
return input(prompt)
def input_pass():
while 1:
passwd1 = getpass("New password (4-9 chars): ")
if len(passwd1) < 4 or len(passwd1) > 9:
print("Invalid password length")
passwd2 = getpass("Confirm password: ")
if passwd1 == passwd2:
return passwd1
print("Passwords do not match")
def exists(fname):
with open(fname):
return True
except OSError:
return False
def copy_stream(s_in, s_out):
buf = bytearray(64)
while 1:
sz = s_in.readinto(buf)
s_out.write(buf, sz)
def get_daemon_status():
with open(RC) as f:
for l in f:
if "webrepl" in l:
if l.startswith("#"):
return False
return True
return None
def add_daemon():
with open(RC) as old_f, open(RC + ".tmp", "w") as new_f:
new_f.write("import webrepl\nwebrepl.start()\n")
copy_stream(old_f, new_f)
def change_daemon(action):
LINES = ("import webrepl", "webrepl.start()")
with open(RC) as old_f, open(RC + ".tmp", "w") as new_f:
found = False
for l in old_f:
for patt in LINES:
if patt in l:
found = True
if action and l.startswith("#"):
l = l[1:]
elif not action and not l.startswith("#"):
l = "#" + l
if not found:
new_f.write("import webrepl\nwebrepl.start()\n")
# FatFs rename() is not POSIX compliant, will raise OSError if
# dest file exists.
os.rename(RC + ".tmp", RC)
def main():
status = get_daemon_status()
print("WebREPL daemon auto-start status:", "enabled" if status else "disabled")
print("\nWould you like to (E)nable or (D)isable it running on boot?")
print("(Empty line to quit)")
resp = input("> ").upper()
if resp == "E":
if exists(CONFIG):
resp2 = input_choice("Would you like to change WebREPL password? (y/n) ", ("y", "n", ""))
print("To enable WebREPL, you must set password for it")
resp2 = "y"
if resp2 == "y":
passwd = input_pass()
with open(CONFIG, "w") as f:
f.write("PASS = %r\n" % passwd)
if resp not in ("D", "E") or (resp == "D" and not status) or (resp == "E" and status):
print("No further action required")
change_daemon(resp == "E")
print("Changes will be activated after reboot")
resp = input_choice("Would you like to reboot now? (y/n) ", ("y", "n", ""))
if resp == "y":
print("Rebooting. Please manually reset if it hangs.")