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MEMZIP - a simple readonly file system
memzip takes a zip file which is comprised of uncompressed files and
and presents it as a filesystem, allowing Python files to be imported.
The script takes a directory name and will create a zip file
containing uncompressed files found in the directory. It will then generate
a C file which contains the data from the zip file.
A typical addition to a makefile would look like:
SRC_C += \
lib/memzip/import.c \
lib/memzip/lexermemzip.c \
lib/memzip/memzip.c \
OBJ += $(BUILD)/memzip-files.o
MAKE_MEMZIP = ../lib/memzip/
$(BUILD)/memzip-files.o: $(BUILD)/memzip-files.c
$(call compile_c)
$(BUILD)/memzip-files.c: $(shell find ${MEMZIP_DIR} -type f)
@$(ECHO) "Creating $@"
$(Q)$(PYTHON) $(MAKE_MEMZIP) --zip-file $(BUILD)/ --c-file $@ $(MEMZIP_DIR)