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Jeff Epler 1d8a073c05 nrf: protomatter port 3 years ago
axtls@43a6e6bd3b WIP: complete manual inspection of all significant changes 5 years ago
berkeley-db-1.xx@35aaec4418 berkeley-db-1.xx: Update, allow to override MINCACHE, DEFPSIZE. 6 years ago
cmsis/inc lib/cmsis: upgrade CMSIS-CORE to V4.30 7 years ago
embed Two fixes and translate more strings. 5 years ago
libc Initial merge of micropython v1.9.2 into circuitpython 2.0.0 (in development) master. 6 years ago
libffi@e9de7e35f2 lib/libffi: Add libffi as a submodule. 8 years ago
libm libm: Provide log2f 3 years ago
libm_dbl Fix a couple variable shadowing varnings. 4 years ago
memzip lib/memzip: Make lexer constructor raise exception when file not found. 6 years ago
mp-readline Update readline.c for REPL Unicode issue 1905 3 years ago
mp3@c3c664bf4d mp3: update to upstream release 1.1.1 3 years ago
netutils Fix esp and samd 5 years ago
nrfutil@9e7dfb28a5 update nrfutil to 0.5.2d with singlebank option 5 years ago
oofatfs oofatfs: Remove _FS_DISK_READ_ALIGNED 3 years ago
protomatter@c411714cbd nrf: protomatter port 3 years ago
timeutils Fix os.stat() to use 1970 epoch 5 years ago
tinytest lib/tinytest: Clean up test reporting in the presence of stdout output. 5 years ago
tinyusb@1f95f439e1 Refine iMX RT memory layout and add three boards 3 years ago
upytesthelper lib/upytesthelper: MicroPython test helper layer on top of tinytest. 5 years ago
utils protocols: Allow them to be (optionally) type-safe 3 years ago
uzlib@f966da0fab uzlib: Upgrade to uzlib v2.9 release 5 years ago lib: Add basic README. 9 years ago

This directory contains standard, low-level C libraries with emphasis on being independent and efficient. They can be used by any port.