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The Micro Python project

This is the Micro Python project, which aims to put an implementation of Python 3.x on a microcontroller.

WARNING: this project is in its early stages and is subject to large changes of the code-base, including project-wide name changes and API changes. The software will not start to mature until March 2014 at the earliest.

See the repository for the Micro Python board. At the moment, finalising the design of the board is the top priority.

Major components in this repository:

  • py/ -- the core Python implementation, including compiler and runtime.
  • unix/ -- a version of Micro Python that runs on Unix.
  • stm/ -- a version of Micro Python that runs on the Micro Python board with an STM32F405RG.

Additional components:

  • unix-cpy/ -- a version of Micro Python that outputs bytecode (for testing).
  • tests/ -- test framework and test scripts.
  • tools/ -- various tools.

"make" is used to build the components, or "gmake" on BSD-based systems. You will also need bash and python3, and python2 for the stm port.

The Unix version

The "unix" part requires a standard Unix environment with gcc and GNU make. It works only for 64-bit machines due to a small piece of x86-64 assembler for the exception handling.

To build:

$ cd unix
$ make

Then to test it:

$ ./py
>>> list(5 * x + y for x in range(10) for y in [4, 2, 1])

Ubuntu and Mint derivatives will require build-essentials and libreadline-dev packages installed.

The STM version

The "stm" part requires an ARM compiler, arm-none-eabi-gcc, and associated bin-utils. For those using Arch Linux, you need arm-none-eabi-binutils and arm-none-eabi-gcc packages from the AUR. Otherwise, try here:

To build:

$ cd stm
$ make

Then to flash it via USB DFU to your device:

$ dfu-util -a 0 -D build/flash.dfu

You will need the dfu-util program, on Arch Linux it's dfu-util-git in the AUR.