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This is experimental, community-supported port for Cortex-M emulation as provided by QEMU (

The purposes of this port are to enable:

  1. Continuous integration
    • run tests agains architecture-specific parts of code base
  2. Experimentation
    • simulation & prototyping of anything that has architecture-specific code
    • exploring instruction set in terms of optimising some part of MicroPython or a module
  3. Streamlined debugging
    • no need for JTAG or even an MCU chip itself
    • no need to use OpenOCD or anything else that might slow down the process in terms of plugging things together, pressing buttons, etc.

This port will only work with with GCC ARM Embedded toolchain and not with CodeSourcery toolchain. You will need to modify LDFLAGS if you want to use CodeSourcery's version of arm-none-eabi. The difference is that CodeSourcery needs -T generic-m-hosted.ld while ARM's version requires --specs=nano.specs --specs=rdimon.specs to be passed to the linker.