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Krzysztof Blazewicz b04d4a5b13 lib/cmsis: upgrade CMSIS-CORE to V4.30 7 years ago
axtls@67d27df4b5 lib/axtls: Update, fixes esp8266 build. 7 years ago
berkeley-db-1.xx@dab957dacd lib/berkeley-db-1.xx: Update to upstream, fixes MacOSX build. 7 years ago
cmsis/inc lib/cmsis: upgrade CMSIS-CORE to V4.30 7 years ago
embed lib/abort_.c: Add prototype to make coverage build happy. 7 years ago
fatfs lib/fatfs/option/ccsbcs: Follow uPy optional features model. 7 years ago
libc lib/libc/string0: Remove better-than-standard strncpy() implementation. 7 years ago
libffi@e9de7e35f2 lib/libffi: Add libffi as a submodule. 8 years ago
libm lib/libm: Remove unused definition of "one". 7 years ago
lwip@5b8b5d459e lib/lwip: Add LwIP stack as a submodule in the library directory 8 years ago
memzip lib/memzip: Factor out memzip from teensy/ into lib/memzip. 8 years ago
mp-readline lib/mp-readline: Make it easy to exit auto-indent mode by pressing enter. 8 years ago
netutils lib: Move some common mod_network_* functions to lib/netutils. 8 years ago
timeutils lib/timeutils/timeutils: Fix pedantic warning in coverage build. 7 years ago
utils lib/interrupt_char: Factor out typical Ctrl+C handling from esp8266 port. 7 years ago lib: Add basic README. 9 years ago

This directory contains standard, low-level C libraries with emphasis on being independent and efficient. They can be used by any port.