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# Per default everything gets normalized and gets LF line endings on checkout.
* text eol=lf
# These will always have CRLF line endings on checkout.
*.vcxproj text eol=crlf
*.props text eol=crlf
*.bat text eol=crlf
# These are binary so should never be modified by git.
*.png binary
*.jpg binary
*.dxf binary
# These should also not be modified by git.
tests/basics/ -text
tests/basics/ -text
stmhal/startup_stm32f40xx.s -text
stmhal/pybcdc.inf_template -text
stmhal/usbd_* -text
stmhal/boards/*/stm32f4xx_hal_conf.h -text
stmhal/cmsis/** -text
stmhal/hal/** -text
stmhal/usbdev/** -text
stmhal/usbhost/** -text
cc3200/hal/aes.c -text
cc3200/hal/aes.h -text
cc3200/hal/des.c -text
cc3200/hal/i2s.c -text
cc3200/hal/i2s.h -text
cc3200/version.h -text
lib/fatfs/** -text