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# 1-Wire driver for MicroPython
# MIT license; Copyright (c) 2016 Damien P. George
from micropython import const
import _onewire as _ow
class OneWireError(Exception):
class OneWire:
SEARCH_ROM = const(0xf0)
MATCH_ROM = const(0x55)
SKIP_ROM = const(0xcc)
def __init__(self, pin): = pin
def reset(self, required=False):
reset = _ow.reset(
if required and not reset:
raise OneWireError
return reset
def readbit(self):
return _ow.readbit(
def readbyte(self):
return _ow.readbyte(
def readinto(self, buf):
for i in range(len(buf)):
buf[i] = _ow.readbyte(
def writebit(self, value):
return _ow.writebit(, value)
def writebyte(self, value):
return _ow.writebyte(, value)
def write(self, buf):
for b in buf:
_ow.writebyte(, b)
def select_rom(self, rom):
def scan(self):
devices = []
diff = 65
rom = False
for i in range(0xff):
rom, diff = self._search_rom(rom, diff)
if rom:
devices += [rom]
if diff == 0:
return devices
def _search_rom(self, l_rom, diff):
if not self.reset():
return None, 0
if not l_rom:
l_rom = bytearray(8)
rom = bytearray(8)
next_diff = 0
i = 64
for byte in range(8):
r_b = 0
for bit in range(8):
b = self.readbit()
if self.readbit():
if b: # there are no devices or there is an error on the bus
return None, 0
if not b: # collision, two devices with different bit meaning
if diff > i or ((l_rom[byte] & (1 << bit)) and diff != i):
b = 1
next_diff = i
if b:
r_b |= 1 << bit
i -= 1
rom[byte] = r_b
return rom, next_diff
def crc8(self, data):
return _ow.crc8(data)