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import os
from sh import rm
from sh import make
import sys
import subprocess
import shutil
import build_board_info as build_info
import time
for port in build_info.SUPPORTED_PORTS:
rm("-rf", "../ports/{}/build*".format(port))
ROSIE_SETUPS = ["rosie-ci"]
rosie_ok = {}
for rosie in ROSIE_SETUPS:
rosie_ok[rosie] = True
PARALLEL = "-j 5"
travis = False
if "TRAVIS" in os.environ and os.environ["TRAVIS"] == "true":
travis = True
all_boards = build_info.get_board_mapping()
build_boards = list(all_boards.keys())
if "TRAVIS_BOARDS" in os.environ:
build_boards = os.environ["TRAVIS_BOARDS"].split()
sha, version = build_info.get_version_info()
languages = build_info.get_languages()
exit_status = 0
for board in build_boards:
bin_directory = "../bin/{}/".format(board)
os.makedirs(bin_directory, exist_ok=True)
board_info = all_boards[board]
for language in languages:
start_time = time.monotonic()
make_result ="make -C ../ports/" + board_info["port"] + " TRANSLATION=" + language + " BOARD=" + board, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
build_duration = time.monotonic() - start_time
success = "\033[32msucceeded\033[0m"
if make_result.returncode != 0:
exit_status = make_result.returncode
success = "\033[31mfailed\033[0m"
for extension in board_info["extensions"]:
temp_filename = "../ports/{port}/build-{board}/firmware.{extension}".format(port=board_info["port"], board=board, extension=extension)
final_filename = "adafruit-circuitpython-{board}-{language}-{version}.{extension}".format(board=board, language=language, version=version, extension=extension)
final_filename = os.path.join(bin_directory, final_filename)
shutil.copyfile(temp_filename, final_filename)
if travis:
print('travis_fold:start:adafruit-bins-{}-{}\\r'.format(language, board))
print("Build {} for {} took {:.2f}s and {}".format(board, language, build_duration, success))
# Only upload to Rosie if its a pull request.
if travis:
for rosie in ROSIE_SETUPS:
if not rosie_ok[rosie]:
print("Uploading to https://{rosie}{sha}".format(rosie=rosie, sha=sha))
#curl -F "file=@$final_filename" https://$$sha
if travis:
print('travis_fold:end:adafruit-bins-{}-{}\\r'.format(language, board))