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Dan Halbert ae64a669dd
address review comments
3 years ago
analogio Fix #ifdefs in port.c to call xxx_reset() rroutines properly. Remove most uses of EXPRESS_BOARD. 4 years ago
audiobusio samd: audio_dma: Track channel allocation 3 years ago
audioio AnalogOut / AudioOut: Copy settings from Arduino 3 years ago
board Merge commit 'f869d6b2e339c04469c6c9ea3fb2fabd7bbb2d8c' into nrf2_merge 5 years ago
busio Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into tick-refactor 3 years ago
digitalio Fix crash when getting board.SPI outside the VM 4 years ago
displayio Rework based on Dan's review 3 years ago
frequencyio address review comments 3 years ago
i2cslave add pin claiming to devices 4 years ago
microcontroller wip 3 years ago
neopixel_write samd: neopixel: Fix neopixels after #2297 3 years ago
nvm Add stack validity check and raise an error when it happens. 4 years ago
os Merge commit 'f869d6b2e339c04469c6c9ea3fb2fabd7bbb2d8c' into nrf2_merge 5 years ago
ps2io Add PS/2 support -- ps2io module 4 years ago
pulseio Fix spelling 3 years ago
rotaryio typo in IncrementalEncoder.c 3 years ago
rtc Support internationalisation. 5 years ago
supervisor merge 3.x swap of /lib and .frozen; update frozen libs 4 years ago
time Supervisor: move most of systick to the supervisor 3 years ago
touchio merge from upstream and make translate 3 years ago