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Scott Shawcroft 7d8dac9211
Refine iMX RT memory layout and add three boards
Introduces a way to place CircuitPython code and data into
tightly coupled memory (TCM) which is accessible by the CPU in a
single cycle. It also frees up room in the corresponding cache for
intermittent data. Loading from external flash is slow!

The data cache is also now enabled.

Adds support for the iMX RT 1021 chip. Adds three new boards:
* iMX RT 1020 EVK
* iMX RT 1060 EVK
* Teensy 4.0

Related to #2492, #2472 and #2477. Fixes #2475.
3 years ago
atmel-samd Merge pull request #2510 from dhalbert/bonding-nvm 3 years ago
cxd56 Add mkspk source files 3 years ago
mimxrt10xx Refine iMX RT memory layout and add three boards 3 years ago
nrf Update the VID and USB company string 3 years ago
stm32f4 Merge pull request #2463 from hierophect/stm32-i2c-rework 3 years ago
unix protocols: Allow them to be (optionally) type-safe 3 years ago