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Dan Halbert c592bd612a Implement to_bytes(..., signed=True) 3 years ago
basics Implement to_bytes(..., signed=True) 3 years ago
bench Updated tests; removed try/catch for ucollections 5 years ago
circuitpython tests: Fixup tests for 3.x on Rosie 5 years ago
cmdline Fix tests and clarify first character access 4 years ago
cpydiff WIP: after merge; before testing 5 years ago
extmod extmod/ure: Handle some escape sequences. 4 years ago
feature_check tests/class_reverse_op: Test for reverse arith ops special methods. 6 years ago
float py/lexer: Add support for underscores in numeric literals. 5 years ago
import Fix tests 4 years ago
inlineasm tests: Add a test for argument passing to inline-asm functions. 7 years ago
io tests: Add tests using "file" argument in print and sys.print_exception. 5 years ago
jni tests: Convert remaining "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit". 6 years ago
micropython py/emit: Combine yield value and yield-from emit funcs into one. 5 years ago
misc WIP: after merge; before testing 5 years ago
net_hosted tests/net_hosted: Add test for socket connect() and poll() behaviour. 5 years ago
net_inet tests/net_inet: Update tls test to work with CPython and incl new site. 5 years ago
pyb tests/pyb: Make i2c and pyb1 pyboard tests run again. 5 years ago
pybnative py: Fix stack access in thumb native emitter. 9 years ago
stress tests: Move recursive tests to the tests/stress/ subdir. 5 years ago
thread py/modthread: Raise RuntimeError in release() if lock is not acquired. 6 years ago
unicode py/objstr: Add check for valid UTF-8 when making a str from bytes. 6 years ago
unix Update tests for new autocomplete behavior 4 years ago
wipy various: Spelling fixes 6 years ago
README all: Remove trailing spaces, per coding conventions. 6 years ago tests: Point to tools/ 5 years ago
run-bench-tests tests/run-bench-tests: Update locations of executables, now in ports/. 6 years ago
run-tests merge finished 5 years ago unix: Rename "_os" module to "uos" for consistency with baremetal ports. 7 years ago Typo fix in comment. 8 years ago Updated tests; removed try/catch for ucollections 5 years ago


This directory contains tests for various functionality areas of MicroPython.
To run all stable tests, run "run-tests" script in this directory.

Tests of capabilities not supported on all platforms should be written
to check for the capability being present. If it is not, the test
should merely output 'SKIP' followed by the line terminator, and call
sys.exit() to raise SystemExit, instead of attempting to test the
missing capability. The testing framework (run-tests in this
directory, test_main.c in qemu_arm) recognizes this as a skipped test.

There are a few features for which this mechanism cannot be used to
condition a test. The run-tests script uses small scripts in the
feature_check directory to check whether each such feature is present,
and skips the relevant tests if not.

When creating new tests, anything that relies on float support should go in the
float/ subdirectory.  Anything that relies on import x, where x is not a built-in
module, should go in the import/ subdirectory.