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36 lines
615 B

.syntax unified
.cpu cortex-m0
.align 2
@ uint cpu_get_regs_and_sp(r0=uint regs[10])
.global cpu_get_regs_and_sp
.type cpu_get_regs_and_sp, %function
@ store registers into given array
str r4, [r0, #0]
str r5, [r0, #4]
str r6, [r0, #8]
str r7, [r0, #12]
push {r1}
mov r1, r8
str r1, [r0, #16]
mov r1, r9
str r1, [r0, #20]
mov r1, r10
str r1, [r0, #24]
mov r1, r11
str r1, [r0, #28]
mov r1, r12
str r1, [r0, #32]
mov r1, r13
str r1, [r0, #36]
pop {r1}
@ return the sp
mov r0, sp
bx lr