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# Spanish translation.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
# Carlos Diaz <>, 2018.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: \n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-11-09 16:20-0800\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-08-24 22:56-0500\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"Language-Team: \n"
"Language: en_US\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.1.1\n"
#: extmod/machine_i2c.c:299
msgid "invalid I2C peripheral"
msgstr "periférico I2C inválido"
#: extmod/machine_i2c.c:340 extmod/machine_i2c.c:354 extmod/machine_i2c.c:368
#: extmod/machine_i2c.c:392
msgid "I2C operation not supported"
msgstr "operación I2C no soportada"
#: extmod/machine_mem.c:45 ports/unix/modmachine.c:53
#, c-format
msgid "address %08x is not aligned to %d bytes"
msgstr "la dirección %08x no esta alineada a %d bytes"
#: extmod/machine_spi.c:57
msgid "invalid SPI peripheral"
msgstr "periférico SPI inválido"
#: extmod/machine_spi.c:124
msgid "buffers must be the same length"
msgstr "los buffers deben de tener la misma longitud"
#: extmod/machine_spi.c:207
msgid "bits must be 8"
msgstr "bits debe ser 8"
#: extmod/machine_spi.c:210
msgid "firstbit must be MSB"
msgstr "firstbit debe ser MSB"
#: extmod/machine_spi.c:215
msgid "must specify all of sck/mosi/miso"
msgstr "se deben de especificar sck/mosi/miso"
#: extmod/modframebuf.c:299
msgid "invalid format"
msgstr "formato inválido"
#: extmod/modubinascii.c:38 extmod/moduhashlib.c:102
msgid "a bytes-like object is required"
msgstr "se requiere un objeto bytes-like"
#: extmod/modubinascii.c:90
msgid "odd-length string"
msgstr "string de longitud impar"
#: extmod/modubinascii.c:101
msgid "non-hex digit found"
msgstr "se encontró un digito non-hex"
#: extmod/modubinascii.c:169
msgid "incorrect padding"
msgstr "padding incorrecto"
#: extmod/moductypes.c:122
msgid "syntax error in uctypes descriptor"
msgstr "error de sintaxis en el descriptor uctypes"
#: extmod/moductypes.c:219
msgid "Cannot unambiguously get sizeof scalar"
msgstr "No se puede obtener inequívocamente sizeof escalar"
#: extmod/moductypes.c:397
msgid "struct: no fields"
msgstr "struct: sin campos"
#: extmod/moductypes.c:530
msgid "struct: cannot index"
msgstr "struct: no se puede indexar"
#: extmod/moductypes.c:544
msgid "struct: index out of range"
msgstr "struct: index fuera de rango"
#: extmod/moduheapq.c:38
msgid "heap must be a list"
msgstr "heap debe ser una lista"
#: extmod/moduheapq.c:86 extmod/modutimeq.c:147 extmod/modutimeq.c:172
msgid "empty heap"
msgstr "heap vacío"
#: extmod/modujson.c:281
msgid "syntax error in JSON"
msgstr "error de sintaxis en JSON"
#: extmod/modure.c:161
msgid "Splitting with sub-captures"
msgstr "Dividiendo con sub-capturas"
#: extmod/modure.c:207
msgid "Error in regex"
msgstr "Error en regex"
#: extmod/modussl_axtls.c:81
msgid "invalid key"
msgstr "llave inválida"
#: extmod/modussl_axtls.c:87
msgid "invalid cert"
msgstr "certificado inválido"
#: extmod/modutimeq.c:131
msgid "queue overflow"
msgstr "desbordamiento de queue"
#: extmod/moduzlib.c:98
msgid "compression header"
msgstr "encabezado de compresión"
#: extmod/uos_dupterm.c:120
msgid "invalid dupterm index"
msgstr "index dupterm inválido"
#: extmod/vfs_fat.c:426 py/moduerrno.c:150
msgid "Read-only filesystem"
msgstr "Sistema de archivos de solo-Lectura"
#: extmod/vfs_posix_file.c:48 ports/unix/file.c:50 py/objstringio.c:43
msgid "I/O operation on closed file"
msgstr "Operación I/O en archivo cerrado"
#: lib/embed/abort_.c:8
msgid "abort() called"
msgstr "se llamó abort()"
#: lib/netutils/netutils.c:83
msgid "invalid arguments"
msgstr "argumentos inválidos"
#: lib/utils/pyexec.c:97 py/builtinimport.c:251
msgid "script compilation not supported"
msgstr "script de compilación no soportado"
#: main.c:154
msgid " output:\n"
msgstr " salida:\n"
#: main.c:168 main.c:241
msgid ""
"Auto-reload is on. Simply save files over USB to run them or enter REPL to "
msgstr ""
"Auto-reload habilitado. Simplemente guarda los archivos via USB para "
"ejecutarlos o entra al REPL para desabilitarlos.\n"
#: main.c:170
msgid "Running in safe mode! Auto-reload is off.\n"
msgstr "Ejecutando en modo seguro! La auto-recarga esta deshabilitada.\n"
#: main.c:172 main.c:243
msgid "Auto-reload is off.\n"
msgstr "Auto-recarga deshabilitada.\n"
#: main.c:186
msgid "Running in safe mode! Not running saved code.\n"
msgstr "Ejecutando en modo seguro! No se esta ejecutando el código guardado.\n"
#: main.c:202
msgid "WARNING: Your code filename has two extensions\n"
msgstr "ADVERTENCIA: El nombre de archivo de tu código tiene dos extensiones\n"
#: main.c:250
msgid "You requested starting safe mode by "
msgstr "Solicitaste iniciar en modo seguro por "
#: main.c:253
msgid "To exit, please reset the board without "
msgstr "Para salir, por favor reinicia la tarjeta sin "
#: main.c:260
msgid ""
"You are running in safe mode which means something really bad happened.\n"
msgstr ""
"Estás ejecutando en modo seguro, lo cual significa que algo realmente malo "
"ha sucedido.\n"
#: main.c:262
msgid "Looks like our core CircuitPython code crashed hard. Whoops!\n"
msgstr "Parece que nuestro código CircuitPython dejó de funcionar. Whoops!\n"
#: main.c:263
#, fuzzy
msgid "Please file an issue here with the contents of your CIRCUITPY drive:\n"
msgstr ""
"Por favor registra un issue en el siguiente URL con los contenidos de tu "
"unidad de almacenamiento CIRCUITPY:\n"
#: main.c:266
msgid ""
"The microcontroller's power dipped. Please make sure your power supply "
msgstr ""
"La alimentación del microcontrolador cayó. Por favor asegurate de que tu "
"fuente de alimentación provee\n"
#: main.c:267
msgid ""
"enough power for the whole circuit and press reset (after ejecting "
msgstr ""
"suficiente poder para todo el circuito y presiona reset (después de expulsar "
#: main.c:271
msgid "Press any key to enter the REPL. Use CTRL-D to reload."
msgstr ""
"Presiona cualquier tecla para entrar al REPL. Usa CTRL-D para recargar."
#: main.c:429
msgid "soft reboot\n"
msgstr "reinicio suave\n"
#: ports/atmel-samd/audio_dma.c:209
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:361
msgid "All sync event channels in use"
msgstr "Todos los sync event channels están siendo utilizados"
#: ports/atmel-samd/bindings/samd/Clock.c:135
msgid "calibration is read only"
msgstr "calibration es de solo lectura"
#: ports/atmel-samd/bindings/samd/Clock.c:137
msgid "calibration is out of range"
msgstr "calibration esta fuera de rango"
#: ports/atmel-samd/board_busses.c:59 ports/nrf/board_busses.c:39
msgid "No default I2C bus"
msgstr "Sin bus I2C por default"
#: ports/atmel-samd/board_busses.c:85 ports/nrf/board_busses.c:64
msgid "No default SPI bus"
msgstr "Sin bus SPI por default"
#: ports/atmel-samd/board_busses.c:112 ports/nrf/board_busses.c:91
msgid "No default UART bus"
msgstr "Sin bus UART por default"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/analogio/AnalogIn.c:63
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/analogio/AnalogIn.c:39
msgid "Pin does not have ADC capabilities"
msgstr "Pin no tiene capacidad ADC"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/analogio/AnalogOut.c:49
msgid "No DAC on chip"
msgstr "El chip no tiene DAC"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/analogio/AnalogOut.c:56
msgid "AnalogOut not supported on given pin"
msgstr "El pin proporcionado no soporta AnalogOut"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:147
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:150
msgid "Invalid bit clock pin"
msgstr "Pin bit clock inválido"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:153
msgid "Bit clock and word select must share a clock unit"
msgstr "Bit clock y word select deben compartir una unidad de reloj"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:156
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:130
msgid "Invalid data pin"
msgstr "Pin de datos inválido"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:169
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:174
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:145
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:150
msgid "Serializer in use"
msgstr "Serializer está siendo utilizado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:230
msgid "Clock unit in use"
msgstr "Clock unit está siendo utilizado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:240
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:172
msgid "Unable to find free GCLK"
msgstr "No se pudo encontrar un GCLK libre"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:254
msgid "Too many channels in sample."
msgstr "Demasiados canales en sample."
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:305
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:417
msgid "No DMA channel found"
msgstr "No se encontró el canal DMA"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:308
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:419
msgid "Unable to allocate buffers for signed conversion"
msgstr "No se pudieron asignar buffers para la conversión con signo"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:109
msgid "Invalid clock pin"
msgstr "Pin clock inválido"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:134
msgid "Only 8 or 16 bit mono with "
msgstr "Solo mono de 8 o 16 bit con "
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:167
msgid "sampling rate out of range"
msgstr "frecuencia de muestreo fuera de rango"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:132
msgid "DAC already in use"
msgstr "DAC ya está siendo utilizado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:136
msgid "Right channel unsupported"
msgstr "Canal derecho no soportado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:139
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:116
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/touchio/TouchIn.c:65
msgid "Invalid pin"
msgstr "Pin inválido"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:147
msgid "Invalid pin for left channel"
msgstr "Pin inválido para canal izquierdo"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:151
msgid "Invalid pin for right channel"
msgstr "Pin inválido para canal derecho"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:154
msgid "Cannot output both channels on the same pin"
msgstr "No se puede tener ambos canales en el mismo pin"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:243
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:189
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseOut.c:110
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/pulseio/PulseOut.c:107
msgid "All timers in use"
msgstr "Todos los timers en uso"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:285
msgid "All event channels in use"
msgstr "Todos los event channels en uso"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/audioio/AudioOut.c:375
#, c-format
msgid "Sample rate too high. It must be less than %d"
msgstr "Frecuencia de muestreo demasiado alta. Debe ser menor a %d"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:71
msgid "Not enough pins available"
msgstr "No hay suficientes pines disponibles"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:78
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/SPI.c:171
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:119
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/i2cslave/I2CSlave.c:45
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:82
msgid "Invalid pins"
msgstr "pines inválidos"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:101
msgid "SDA or SCL needs a pull up"
msgstr "SDA o SCL necesitan una pull up"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:121
msgid "Unsupported baudrate"
msgstr "Baudrate no soportado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:66
msgid "bytes > 8 bits not supported"
msgstr "bytes > 8 bits no soportados"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:72
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:82
msgid "tx and rx cannot both be None"
msgstr "Ambos tx y rx no pueden ser None"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:145
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:115
msgid "Failed to allocate RX buffer"
msgstr "Ha fallado la asignación del buffer RX"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:153
msgid "Could not initialize UART"
msgstr "No se puede inicializar la UART"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:240
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:149
msgid "No RX pin"
msgstr "Sin pin RX"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/busio/UART.c:294
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:195
msgid "No TX pin"
msgstr "Sin pin TX"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:170
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:147
msgid "Cannot get pull while in output mode"
msgstr "No puede ser pull mientras este en modo de salida"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/microcontroller/__init__.c:74
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/microcontroller/__init__.c:64
msgid "Cannot reset into bootloader because no bootloader is present."
msgstr "No se puede reiniciar a bootloader porque no hay bootloader presente."
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:120
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:369
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:119
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:233
msgid "Invalid PWM frequency"
msgstr "Frecuencia PWM inválida"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:187
msgid "All timers for this pin are in use"
msgstr "Todos los timers para este pin están siendo utilizados"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:110
msgid "No hardware support on pin"
msgstr "Sin soporte de hardware en pin"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:113
msgid "EXTINT channel already in use"
msgstr "El canal EXTINT ya está siendo utilizado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:118
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:86
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to allocate RX buffer of %d bytes"
msgstr "Falló la asignación del buffer RX de %d bytes"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:205
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:151
msgid "pop from an empty PulseIn"
msgstr "pop de un PulseIn vacío"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:237
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:182 py/obj.c:420
msgid "index out of range"
msgstr "index fuera de rango"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/pulseio/PulseOut.c:178
msgid "Another send is already active"
msgstr "Otro envío ya está activo"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/rotaryio/IncrementalEncoder.c:38
msgid "Both pins must support hardware interrupts"
msgstr "Ambos pines deben soportar interrupciones por hardware"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/rotaryio/IncrementalEncoder.c:46
msgid "A hardware interrupt channel is already in use"
msgstr "El canal EXTINT ya está siendo utilizado"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/rtc/RTC.c:101
msgid "calibration value out of range +/-127"
msgstr "Valor de calibración fuera del rango +/-127"
#: ports/atmel-samd/common-hal/touchio/TouchIn.c:75
msgid "No free GCLKs"
msgstr "Sin GCLKs libres"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/analogio/AnalogIn.c:43
msgid "Pin %q does not have ADC capabilities"
msgstr "Pin %q no tiene capacidades de ADC"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/analogio/AnalogOut.c:39
msgid "No hardware support for analog out."
msgstr "Sin soporte de hardware para analog out"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/busio/SPI.c:72
msgid "Pins not valid for SPI"
msgstr "Pines no válidos para SPI"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/busio/UART.c:45
msgid "Only tx supported on UART1 (GPIO2)."
msgstr "Solo tx soportada en UART1 (GPIO2)"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/busio/UART.c:67 ports/esp8266/machine_uart.c:108
msgid "invalid data bits"
msgstr "data bits inválidos"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/busio/UART.c:91 ports/esp8266/machine_uart.c:144
msgid "invalid stop bits"
msgstr "stop bits inválidos"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:200
msgid "ESP8266 does not support pull down."
msgstr "ESP8266 no soporta pull down."
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:210
msgid "GPIO16 does not support pull up."
msgstr "GPIO16 no soporta pull up."
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/microcontroller/__init__.c:66
msgid "ESP8226 does not support safe mode."
msgstr "ESP8226 no soporta modo seguro."
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:54
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:113
#, c-format
msgid "Maximum PWM frequency is %dhz."
msgstr "La frecuencia máxima del PWM es %dhz."
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:57
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:116
msgid "Minimum PWM frequency is 1hz."
msgstr "La frecuencia mínima del PWM es 1hz"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:68
#, c-format
msgid "Multiple PWM frequencies not supported. PWM already set to %dhz."
msgstr ""
"PWM de múltiples frecuencias no soportado. El PWM ya se estableció a %dhz"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:77 ports/esp8266/machine_pwm.c:70
#, c-format
msgid "PWM not supported on pin %d"
msgstr "El pin %d no soporta PWM"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/pulseio/PulseIn.c:78
msgid "No PulseIn support for %q"
msgstr "Sin soporte PulseIn para %q"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/storage/__init__.c:34
msgid "Unable to remount filesystem"
msgstr "Incapaz de montar de nuevo el sistema de archivos"
#: ports/esp8266/common-hal/storage/__init__.c:38
msgid "Use esptool to erase flash and re-upload Python instead"
msgstr "Usa esptool para borrar la flash y vuelve a cargar Python en su lugar"
#: ports/esp8266/esp_mphal.c:154
msgid "C-level assert"
msgstr "C-level assert"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_adc.c:57
#, c-format
msgid "not a valid ADC Channel: %d"
msgstr "no es un canal ADC válido: %d"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_hspi.c:131 ports/esp8266/machine_hspi.c:137
msgid "impossible baudrate"
msgstr "baudrate imposible"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_pin.c:129
msgid "expecting a pin"
msgstr "esperando un pin"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_pin.c:284
msgid "Pin(16) doesn't support pull"
msgstr "Pin(16) no soporta para pull"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_pin.c:323
msgid "invalid pin"
msgstr "pin inválido"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_pin.c:389
msgid "pin does not have IRQ capabilities"
msgstr "pin sin capacidades IRQ"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_rtc.c:185
msgid "buffer too long"
msgstr "buffer demasiado largo"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_rtc.c:209 ports/esp8266/machine_rtc.c:223
#: ports/esp8266/machine_rtc.c:246
msgid "invalid alarm"
msgstr "alarma inválida"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_uart.c:169
#, c-format
msgid "UART(%d) does not exist"
msgstr "UART(%d) no existe"
#: ports/esp8266/machine_uart.c:219
msgid "UART(1) can't read"
msgstr "UART(1) no puede leer"
#: ports/esp8266/modesp.c:119
msgid "len must be multiple of 4"
msgstr "len debe de ser múltiple de 4"
#: ports/esp8266/modesp.c:274
#, c-format
msgid "memory allocation failed, allocating %u bytes for native code"
msgstr "falló la asignación de memoria, asignando %u bytes para código nativo"
#: ports/esp8266/modesp.c:317
msgid "flash location must be below 1MByte"
msgstr "la ubicación de la flash debe estar debajo de 1MByte"
#: ports/esp8266/modmachine.c:63
msgid "frequency can only be either 80Mhz or 160MHz"
msgstr "la frecuencia solo puede ser 80MHz o 160MHz"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:61
msgid "AP required"
msgstr "AP requerido"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:61
msgid "STA required"
msgstr "STA requerido"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:87
msgid "Cannot update i/f status"
msgstr "No se puede actualizar i/f status"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:142
msgid "Cannot set STA config"
msgstr "No se puede establecer STA config"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:144
msgid "Cannot connect to AP"
msgstr "No se puede conectar a AP"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:152
msgid "Cannot disconnect from AP"
msgstr "No se puede desconectar de AP"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:173
msgid "unknown status param"
msgstr "status param desconocido"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:222
msgid "STA must be active"
msgstr "STA debe estar activo"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:239
msgid "scan failed"
msgstr "scan ha fallado"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:306
msgid "wifi_set_ip_info() failed"
msgstr "wifi_set_ip_info() ha fallado"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:319
msgid "either pos or kw args are allowed"
msgstr "ya sea pos o kw args son permitidos"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:329
msgid "can't get STA config"
msgstr "no se puede obtener STA config"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:331
msgid "can't get AP config"
msgstr "no se puede obtener AP config"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:346
msgid "invalid buffer length"
msgstr "longitud de buffer inválida"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:405
msgid "can't set STA config"
msgstr "no se puede establecer STA config"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:407
msgid "can't set AP config"
msgstr "no se puede establecer AP config"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:416
msgid "can query only one param"
msgstr "puede consultar solo un param"
#: ports/esp8266/modnetwork.c:469
msgid "unknown config param"
msgstr "parámetro config desconocido"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/analogio/AnalogOut.c:37
msgid "AnalogOut functionality not supported"
msgstr "Funcionalidad AnalogOut no soportada"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Adapter.c:41
#, c-format
msgid "Soft device assert, id: 0x%08lX, pc: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Adapter.c:125
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to change softdevice state, error: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Adapter.c:135
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to get softdevice state, error: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Adapter.c:155
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to get local address, error: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:52
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to write gatts value, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede escribir el valor del atributo. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:76
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to notify attribute value, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede notificar el valor del anuncio. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:91
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to read attribute value, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede leer el valor del atributo. status 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:119
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:272
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:307
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to acquire mutex, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:126
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to write attribute value, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede escribir el valor del atributo. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Characteristic.c:138
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:284
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:319
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:354
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:391
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to release mutex, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:81
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:114
#, fuzzy
msgid "Can not fit data into the advertisment packet"
msgstr "Los datos no caben en el paquete de anuncio."
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:266
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to discover serivices, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:403
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Scanner.c:76
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to continue scanning, status: 0x%0xlX"
msgstr "No se puede iniciar el escaneo. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:436
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to connect, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede conectar. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:513
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to add service, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede detener el anuncio. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:531
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to start advertisment, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede inicar el anuncio. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:549
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to stop advertisment, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede detener el anuncio. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:575
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Scanner.c:103
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to start scanning, status: 0x%0xlX"
msgstr "No se puede iniciar el escaneo. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Device.c:592
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to create mutex, status: 0x%0xlX"
msgstr "No se puede leer el valor del atributo. status 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/Service.c:83
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to add characteristic, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr ""
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/UUID.c:97
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to add Vendor Specific UUID, status: 0x%08lX"
msgstr "No se puede agregar el Vendor Specific 128-bit UUID."
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/UUID.c:102
msgid "Invalid UUID string length"
msgstr "Longitud de string UUID inválida"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/bleio/UUID.c:109
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Characteristic.c:125
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Service.c:105
msgid "Invalid UUID parameter"
msgstr "Parámetro UUID inválido"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/I2C.c:96
msgid "All I2C peripherals are in use"
msgstr "Todos los timers están siendo usados"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/SPI.c:133
msgid "All SPI peripherals are in use"
msgstr "Todos los timers están siendo usados"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:48
#, c-format
msgid "error = 0x%08lX"
msgstr "error = 0x%08lx"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:86
msgid "Invalid buffer size"
msgstr "Tamaño de buffer inválido"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:90
msgid "Odd parity is not supported"
msgstr "Paridad impar no soportada"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:322 ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:326
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:331 ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:336
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:342 ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:347
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:352 ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:356
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/busio/UART.c:364
msgid "busio.UART not available"
msgstr "busio.UART no disponible"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/microcontroller/Processor.c:49
#, c-format
msgid "Can not get temperature. status: 0x%02x"
msgstr "No se puede obtener la temperatura. status: 0x%02x"
#: ports/nrf/common-hal/pulseio/PWMOut.c:161
msgid "All PWM peripherals are in use"
msgstr "Todos los periféricos PWM en uso"
#: ports/unix/modffi.c:138
msgid "Unknown type"
msgstr "Tipo desconocido"
#: ports/unix/modffi.c:207 ports/unix/modffi.c:265
msgid "Error in ffi_prep_cif"
msgstr "Error en ffi_prep_cif"
#: ports/unix/modffi.c:270
msgid "ffi_prep_closure_loc"
msgstr "ffi_prep_closure_loc"
#: ports/unix/modffi.c:413
msgid "Don't know how to pass object to native function"
msgstr ""
#: ports/unix/modusocket.c:474
#, c-format
msgid "[addrinfo error %d]"
msgstr "[addrinfo error %d]"
#: py/argcheck.c:44
msgid "function does not take keyword arguments"
msgstr "la función no tiene argumentos por palabra clave"
#: py/argcheck.c:54 py/bc.c:85 py/objnamedtuple.c:104
#, c-format
msgid "function takes %d positional arguments but %d were given"
msgstr "la función toma %d argumentos posicionales pero le fueron dados %d"
#: py/argcheck.c:64
#, c-format
msgid "function missing %d required positional arguments"
msgstr "a la función le hacen falta %d argumentos posicionales requeridos"
#: py/argcheck.c:72
#, c-format
msgid "function expected at most %d arguments, got %d"
msgstr "la función esperaba a lo sumo %d argumentos, tiene %d"
#: py/argcheck.c:97
msgid "'%q' argument required"
msgstr "argumento '%q' requerido"
#: py/argcheck.c:122
msgid "extra positional arguments given"
msgstr ""
#: py/argcheck.c:130
msgid "extra keyword arguments given"
msgstr ""
#: py/argcheck.c:142
msgid "argument num/types mismatch"
msgstr ""
#: py/argcheck.c:147
msgid "keyword argument(s) not yet implemented - use normal args instead"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:88 py/objnamedtuple.c:108
msgid "%q() takes %d positional arguments but %d were given"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:197 py/bc.c:215
msgid "unexpected keyword argument"
msgstr "argumento por palabra clave inesperado"
#: py/bc.c:199
msgid "keywords must be strings"
msgstr "palabras clave deben ser strings"
#: py/bc.c:206 py/objnamedtuple.c:138
msgid "function got multiple values for argument '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:218 py/objnamedtuple.c:130
msgid "unexpected keyword argument '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:244
#, c-format
msgid "function missing required positional argument #%d"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:260
msgid "function missing required keyword argument '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/bc.c:269
msgid "function missing keyword-only argument"
msgstr ""
#: py/binary.c:112
msgid "bad typecode"
msgstr ""
#: py/builtinevex.c:99
msgid "bad compile mode"
msgstr ""
#: py/builtinhelp.c:137
#, fuzzy
msgid "Plus any modules on the filesystem\n"
msgstr "Incapaz de montar de nuevo el sistema de archivos"
#: py/builtinhelp.c:183
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Welcome to Adafruit CircuitPython %s!\n"
"Please visit for project guides.\n"
"To list built-in modules please do `help(\"modules\")`.\n"
msgstr ""
#: py/builtinimport.c:336
msgid "cannot perform relative import"
msgstr ""
#: py/builtinimport.c:420 py/builtinimport.c:532
msgid "module not found"
msgstr "módulo no encontrado"
#: py/builtinimport.c:423 py/builtinimport.c:535
msgid "no module named '%q'"
msgstr "ningún módulo se llama '%q'"
#: py/builtinimport.c:510
msgid "relative import"
msgstr "import relativo"
#: py/compile.c:397 py/compile.c:542
msgid "can't assign to expression"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:416
msgid "multiple *x in assignment"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:642
msgid "non-default argument follows default argument"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:771 py/compile.c:789
msgid "invalid micropython decorator"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:943
msgid "can't delete expression"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:955
msgid "'break' outside loop"
msgstr "'break' fuera de un bucle"
#: py/compile.c:958
msgid "'continue' outside loop"
msgstr "'continue' fuera de un bucle"
#: py/compile.c:969
msgid "'return' outside function"
msgstr "'return' fuera de una función"
#: py/compile.c:1169
msgid "identifier redefined as global"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:1185
msgid "no binding for nonlocal found"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:1188
msgid "identifier redefined as nonlocal"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:1197
msgid "can't declare nonlocal in outer code"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:1542
msgid "default 'except' must be last"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2095
msgid "*x must be assignment target"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2193
msgid "super() can't find self"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2256
msgid "can't have multiple *x"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2263
msgid "can't have multiple **x"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2271
msgid "LHS of keyword arg must be an id"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2287
msgid "non-keyword arg after */**"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2291
msgid "non-keyword arg after keyword arg"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2463 py/compile.c:2473 py/compile.c:2712 py/compile.c:2742
#: py/parse.c:1176
msgid "invalid syntax"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2465
msgid "expecting key:value for dict"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2475
msgid "expecting just a value for set"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2600
msgid "'yield' outside function"
msgstr ""
"No es posible reiniciar en modo bootloader porque no hay bootloader presente."
#: py/compile.c:2619
msgid "'await' outside function"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2774
msgid "name reused for argument"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2827
msgid "parameter annotation must be an identifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:2969 py/compile.c:3137
msgid "return annotation must be an identifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3097
msgid "inline assembler must be a function"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3134
msgid "unknown type"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3154
msgid "expecting an assembler instruction"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3184
msgid "'label' requires 1 argument"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3190
msgid "label redefined"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3196
msgid "'align' requires 1 argument"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3205
msgid "'data' requires at least 2 arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/compile.c:3212
msgid "'data' requires integer arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:102
msgid "can only have up to 4 parameters to Thumb assembly"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:107 py/emitinlinethumb.c:112
msgid "parameters must be registers in sequence r0 to r3"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:188 py/emitinlinethumb.c:230
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects at most r%d"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:197 py/emitinlinextensa.c:162
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects a register"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:211
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects a special register"
msgstr "ord espera un carácter"
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:239
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects an FPU register"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:292
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects {r0, r1, ...}"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:299 py/emitinlinextensa.c:169
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects an integer"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:304
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' integer 0x%x does not fit in mask 0x%x"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:328
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects an address of the form [a, b]"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:334 py/emitinlinextensa.c:182
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' expects a label"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:345 py/emitinlinextensa.c:193
msgid "label '%q' not defined"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:806
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported Thumb instruction '%s' with %d arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinethumb.c:810
msgid "branch not in range"
msgstr "El argumento de chr() no esta en el rango(256)"
#: py/emitinlinextensa.c:86
msgid "can only have up to 4 parameters to Xtensa assembly"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinextensa.c:91 py/emitinlinextensa.c:96
msgid "parameters must be registers in sequence a2 to a5"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinextensa.c:174
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' integer %d is not within range %d..%d"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitinlinextensa.c:327
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported Xtensa instruction '%s' with %d arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:183
msgid "unknown type '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:260
msgid "Viper functions don't currently support more than 4 arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:742
msgid "conversion to object"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:921
msgid "local '%q' used before type known"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1118 py/emitnative.c:1156
msgid "can't load from '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1128
msgid "can't load with '%q' index"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1188
msgid "local '%q' has type '%q' but source is '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1289 py/emitnative.c:1379
msgid "can't store '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1358 py/emitnative.c:1419
msgid "can't store to '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1369
msgid "can't store with '%q' index"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1540
msgid "can't implicitly convert '%q' to 'bool'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1774
msgid "unary op %q not implemented"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1930
msgid "binary op %q not implemented"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:1951
msgid "can't do binary op between '%q' and '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:2126
msgid "casting"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:2173
msgid "return expected '%q' but got '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:2191
msgid "must raise an object"
msgstr ""
#: py/emitnative.c:2201
msgid "native yield"
msgstr ""
#: py/lexer.c:345
msgid "unicode name escapes"
msgstr ""
#: py/modbuiltins.c:162
msgid "chr() arg not in range(0x110000)"
msgstr "El argumento de chr() esta fuera de rango(0x110000)"
#: py/modbuiltins.c:171
msgid "chr() arg not in range(256)"
msgstr "El argumento de chr() no esta en el rango(256)"
#: py/modbuiltins.c:285
msgid "arg is an empty sequence"
msgstr ""
#: py/modbuiltins.c:350
msgid "ord expects a character"
msgstr "ord espera un carácter"
#: py/modbuiltins.c:353
#, c-format
msgid "ord() expected a character, but string of length %d found"
msgstr "ord() espera un carácter, pero encontró un string de longitud %d"
#: py/modbuiltins.c:363
msgid "3-arg pow() not supported"
msgstr ""
#: py/modbuiltins.c:517
msgid "must use keyword argument for key function"
msgstr ""
#: py/modmath.c:41 shared-bindings/math/__init__.c:53
msgid "math domain error"
msgstr ""
#: py/modmath.c:196 py/objfloat.c:270 py/objint_longlong.c:222
#: py/objint_mpz.c:230 py/runtime.c:619 shared-bindings/math/__init__.c:346
msgid "division by zero"
msgstr ""
#: py/modmicropython.c:155
msgid "schedule stack full"
msgstr ""
#: py/modstruct.c:145 py/modstruct.c:153 py/modstruct.c:234 py/modstruct.c:244
#: shared-bindings/struct/__init__.c:103 shared-bindings/struct/__init__.c:145
#: shared-module/struct/__init__.c:91 shared-module/struct/__init__.c:175
msgid "buffer too small"
msgstr "buffer demasiado pequeño"
#: py/modthread.c:240
msgid "expecting a dict for keyword args"
msgstr ""
#: py/moduerrno.c:143 py/moduerrno.c:146
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr ""
#: py/moduerrno.c:144
msgid "No such file/directory"
msgstr ""
#: py/moduerrno.c:145
msgid "Input/output error"
msgstr ""
#: py/moduerrno.c:147
msgid "File exists"
msgstr ""
#: py/moduerrno.c:148
msgid "Unsupported operation"
msgstr "Operacion no soportada"
#: py/moduerrno.c:149
msgid "Invalid argument"
msgstr "Argumento inválido"
#: py/obj.c:90
msgid "Traceback (most recent call last):\n"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:94
msgid " File \"%q\", line %d"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:96
msgid " File \"%q\""
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:100
msgid ", in %q\n"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:257
msgid "can't convert to int"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:260
#, c-format
msgid "can't convert %s to int"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:320
msgid "can't convert to float"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:323
#, c-format
msgid "can't convert %s to float"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:353
msgid "can't convert to complex"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:356
#, c-format
msgid "can't convert %s to complex"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:371
msgid "expected tuple/list"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:374
#, c-format
msgid "object '%s' is not a tuple or list"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:385
msgid "tuple/list has wrong length"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:387
#, c-format
msgid "requested length %d but object has length %d"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:400
msgid "indices must be integers"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:403
msgid "%q indices must be integers, not %s"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:423
msgid "%q index out of range"
msgstr "%w index fuera de rango"
#: py/obj.c:455
msgid "object has no len"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:458
#, c-format
msgid "object of type '%s' has no len()"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:496
msgid "object does not support item deletion"
msgstr "object no soporta supresión de item"
#: py/obj.c:499
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object does not support item deletion"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:503
msgid "object is not subscriptable"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:506
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object is not subscriptable"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:510
msgid "object does not support item assignment"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:513
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object does not support item assignment"
msgstr ""
#: py/obj.c:544
msgid "object with buffer protocol required"
msgstr ""
#: py/objarray.c:413 py/objstr.c:427 py/objstrunicode.c:191 py/objtuple.c:187
#: shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:85
msgid "only slices with step=1 (aka None) are supported"
msgstr ""
#: py/objarray.c:426
msgid "lhs and rhs should be compatible"
msgstr ""
#: py/objarray.c:444 shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:107
msgid "array/bytes required on right side"
msgstr ""
#: py/objcomplex.c:203
msgid "can't do truncated division of a complex number"
msgstr ""
#: py/objcomplex.c:209
msgid "complex division by zero"
msgstr ""
#: py/objcomplex.c:237
msgid "0.0 to a complex power"
msgstr ""
#: py/objdeque.c:107
msgid "full"
msgstr ""
#: py/objdeque.c:127
msgid "empty"
msgstr "vacío"
#: py/objdict.c:314
msgid "popitem(): dictionary is empty"
msgstr ""
#: py/objdict.c:357
msgid "dict update sequence has wrong length"
msgstr ""
#: py/objfloat.c:308 py/parsenum.c:331
msgid "complex values not supported"
msgstr "valores complejos no soportados"
#: py/objgenerator.c:108
msgid "can't send non-None value to a just-started generator"
msgstr ""
#: py/objgenerator.c:126
msgid "generator already executing"
msgstr ""
#: py/objgenerator.c:229
msgid "generator ignored GeneratorExit"
msgstr ""
#: py/objgenerator.c:251
msgid "can't pend throw to just-started generator"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint.c:144
msgid "can't convert inf to int"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint.c:146
msgid "can't convert NaN to int"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint.c:163
msgid "float too big"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint.c:328
msgid "long int not supported in this build"
msgstr "long int no soportado en esta compilación"
#: py/objint.c:334 py/objint.c:340 py/objint.c:350 py/objint.c:358
msgid "small int overflow"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_longlong.c:189 py/objint_mpz.c:283 py/runtime.c:486
msgid "negative power with no float support"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_longlong.c:251
msgid "ulonglong too large"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_mpz.c:267 py/runtime.c:396 py/runtime.c:411
msgid "negative shift count"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_mpz.c:336
msgid "pow() with 3 arguments requires integers"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_mpz.c:347
msgid "pow() 3rd argument cannot be 0"
msgstr ""
#: py/objint_mpz.c:415
msgid "overflow converting long int to machine word"
msgstr ""
#: py/objlist.c:273
msgid "pop from empty list"
msgstr ""
#: py/objnamedtuple.c:92
msgid "can't set attribute"
msgstr ""
#: py/objobject.c:55
msgid "__new__ arg must be a user-type"
msgstr "__new__ arg debe ser un user-type"
#: py/objrange.c:110
msgid "zero step"
msgstr ""
#: py/objset.c:371
msgid "pop from an empty set"
msgstr ""
#: py/objslice.c:66
msgid "Length must be an int"
msgstr "Length debe ser un int"
#: py/objslice.c:71
msgid "Length must be non-negative"
msgstr ""
#: py/objslice.c:86 py/sequence.c:57
msgid "slice step cannot be zero"
msgstr ""
#: py/objslice.c:159
msgid "Cannot subclass slice"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:261
msgid "bytes value out of range"
msgstr "valor de bytes fuera de rango"
#: py/objstr.c:270
msgid "wrong number of arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:467
msgid "join expects a list of str/bytes objects consistent with self object"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:542 py/objstr.c:647 py/objstr.c:1744
msgid "empty separator"
msgstr "separator vacío"
#: py/objstr.c:641
msgid "rsplit(None,n)"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:713
msgid "substring not found"
msgstr "substring no encontrado"
#: py/objstr.c:770
msgid "start/end indices"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:931
msgid "bad format string"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:953
msgid "single '}' encountered in format string"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:992
msgid "bad conversion specifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:996
msgid "end of format while looking for conversion specifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:998
#, c-format
msgid "unknown conversion specifier %c"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1029
msgid "unmatched '{' in format"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1036
msgid "expected ':' after format specifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1050
msgid ""
"can't switch from automatic field numbering to manual field specification"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1055 py/objstr.c:1083
msgid "tuple index out of range"
msgstr "tuple index fuera de rango"
#: py/objstr.c:1071
msgid "attributes not supported yet"
msgstr "atributos aún no soportados"
#: py/objstr.c:1079
msgid ""
"can't switch from manual field specification to automatic field numbering"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1171
msgid "invalid format specifier"
msgstr "especificador de formato inválido"
#: py/objstr.c:1192
msgid "sign not allowed in string format specifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1200
msgid "sign not allowed with integer format specifier 'c'"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1259
#, c-format
msgid "unknown format code '%c' for object of type '%s'"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1331
#, c-format
msgid "unknown format code '%c' for object of type 'float'"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1343
msgid "'=' alignment not allowed in string format specifier"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1367
#, c-format
msgid "unknown format code '%c' for object of type 'str'"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1415
msgid "format requires a dict"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1424
msgid "incomplete format key"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1482
msgid "incomplete format"
msgstr "formato incompleto"
#: py/objstr.c:1490
msgid "not enough arguments for format string"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1500
#, c-format
msgid "%%c requires int or char"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1507
msgid "integer required"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1570
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported format character '%c' (0x%x) at index %d"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:1577
msgid "not all arguments converted during string formatting"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:2102
msgid "can't convert to str implicitly"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstr.c:2106
msgid "can't convert '%q' object to %q implicitly"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstrunicode.c:134
#, c-format
msgid "string indices must be integers, not %s"
msgstr ""
#: py/objstrunicode.c:145 py/objstrunicode.c:164
msgid "string index out of range"
msgstr "string index fuera de rango"
#: py/objtype.c:358
msgid "__init__() should return None"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:360
#, c-format
msgid "__init__() should return None, not '%s'"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:623 py/objtype.c:1275 py/runtime.c:1065
msgid "unreadable attribute"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:868 py/runtime.c:653
msgid "object not callable"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:870 py/runtime.c:655
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object is not callable"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:978
msgid "type takes 1 or 3 arguments"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:989
msgid "cannot create instance"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:991
msgid "cannot create '%q' instances"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1047
msgid "can't add special method to already-subclassed class"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1091 py/objtype.c:1097
msgid "type is not an acceptable base type"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1100
msgid "type '%q' is not an acceptable base type"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1137
msgid "multiple inheritance not supported"
msgstr "herencia multiple no soportada"
#: py/objtype.c:1164
msgid "multiple bases have instance lay-out conflict"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1205
msgid "first argument to super() must be type"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1370
msgid "issubclass() arg 2 must be a class or a tuple of classes"
msgstr ""
#: py/objtype.c:1384
msgid "issubclass() arg 1 must be a class"
msgstr ""
#: py/parse.c:726
msgid "constant must be an integer"
msgstr "constant debe ser un entero"
#: py/parse.c:868
msgid "Unable to init parser"
msgstr "Incapaz de inicializar el parser"
#: py/parse.c:1170
msgid "unexpected indent"
msgstr ""
#: py/parse.c:1173
msgid "unindent does not match any outer indentation level"
msgstr ""
#: py/parsenum.c:60
msgid "int() arg 2 must be >= 2 and <= 36"
msgstr ""
#: py/parsenum.c:151
msgid "invalid syntax for integer"
msgstr "sintaxis inválido para entero"
#: py/parsenum.c:155
#, c-format
msgid "invalid syntax for integer with base %d"
msgstr ""
#: py/parsenum.c:339
msgid "invalid syntax for number"
msgstr "sintaxis inválido para número"
#: py/parsenum.c:342
msgid "decimal numbers not supported"
msgstr "números decimales no soportados"
#: py/persistentcode.c:223
msgid ""
"Incompatible .mpy file. Please update all .mpy files. See"
"mpy-update for more info."
msgstr ""
#: py/persistentcode.c:326
msgid "can only save bytecode"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:206
msgid "name not defined"
msgstr "name no definido"
#: py/runtime.c:209
msgid "name '%q' is not defined"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:304 py/runtime.c:611
msgid "unsupported type for operator"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:307
msgid "unsupported type for %q: '%s'"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:614
msgid "unsupported types for %q: '%s', '%s'"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:881 py/runtime.c:888 py/runtime.c:945
msgid "wrong number of values to unpack"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:883 py/runtime.c:947
#, c-format
msgid "need more than %d values to unpack"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:890
#, c-format
msgid "too many values to unpack (expected %d)"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:984
msgid "argument has wrong type"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:986
msgid "argument should be a '%q' not a '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1123 py/runtime.c:1197
msgid "no such attribute"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1128
msgid "type object '%q' has no attribute '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1132 py/runtime.c:1200
msgid "'%s' object has no attribute '%q'"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1238
msgid "object not iterable"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1241
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object is not iterable"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1260 py/runtime.c:1296
msgid "object not an iterator"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1262 py/runtime.c:1298
#, c-format
msgid "'%s' object is not an iterator"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1401
msgid "exceptions must derive from BaseException"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1430
msgid "cannot import name %q"
msgstr "no se puede importar name '%q'"
#: py/runtime.c:1535
msgid "memory allocation failed, heap is locked"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1539
#, c-format
msgid "memory allocation failed, allocating %u bytes"
msgstr ""
#: py/runtime.c:1609
msgid "maximum recursion depth exceeded"
msgstr ""
#: py/sequence.c:264
msgid "object not in sequence"
msgstr ""
#: py/stream.c:96
msgid "stream operation not supported"
msgstr "operación stream no soportada"
#: py/vm.c:255
msgid "local variable referenced before assignment"
msgstr ""
#: py/vm.c:1142
msgid "no active exception to reraise"
msgstr ""
#: py/vm.c:1284
msgid "byte code not implemented"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/_stage/Layer.c:71
msgid "graphic must be 2048 bytes long"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/_stage/Layer.c:77 shared-bindings/_stage/Text.c:75
msgid "palette must be 32 bytes long"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/_stage/Layer.c:84
msgid "map buffer too small"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/_stage/Text.c:69
msgid "font must be 2048 bytes long"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/_stage/Text.c:81
msgid "chars buffer too small"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/analogio/AnalogOut.c:118
msgid "AnalogOut is only 16 bits. Value must be less than 65536."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/I2SOut.c:225
#: shared-bindings/audioio/AudioOut.c:226
msgid "Not playing"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:124
msgid "Bit depth must be multiple of 8."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:128
msgid "Oversample must be multiple of 8."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:136
msgid "Microphone startup delay must be in range 0.0 to 1.0"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:193
msgid "destination_length must be an int >= 0"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:199
msgid "Cannot record to a file"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:202
msgid "Destination capacity is smaller than destination_length."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:206
msgid "destination buffer must be an array of type 'H' for bit_depth = 16"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audiobusio/PDMIn.c:208
msgid ""
"destination buffer must be a bytearray or array of type 'B' for bit_depth = 8"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/audioio/Mixer.c:94
msgid "Invalid voice count"
msgstr "Cuenta de voces inválida"
#: shared-bindings/audioio/Mixer.c:99
msgid "Invalid channel count"
msgstr "Cuenta de canales inválida"
#: shared-bindings/audioio/Mixer.c:103
msgid "Sample rate must be positive"
msgstr "Sample rate debe ser positivo"
#: shared-bindings/audioio/Mixer.c:107
msgid "bits_per_sample must be 8 or 16"
msgstr "bits_per_sample debe ser 8 o 16"
#: shared-bindings/audioio/RawSample.c:98
msgid ""
"sample_source buffer must be a bytearray or array of type 'h', 'H', 'b' or "
msgstr ""
"sample_source buffer debe ser un bytearray o un array de tipo 'h', 'H', 'b' "
#: shared-bindings/audioio/RawSample.c:104
msgid "buffer must be a bytes-like object"
msgstr "buffer debe de ser un objeto bytes-like"
#: shared-bindings/audioio/WaveFile.c:78
#: shared-bindings/displayio/OnDiskBitmap.c:85
msgid "file must be a file opened in byte mode"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/I2C.c:111 shared-bindings/bitbangio/SPI.c:121
#: shared-bindings/busio/SPI.c:133
msgid "Function requires lock"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/I2C.c:195 shared-bindings/busio/I2C.c:210
msgid "Buffer must be at least length 1"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/SPI.c:151 shared-bindings/busio/SPI.c:175
msgid "Invalid polarity"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/SPI.c:155 shared-bindings/busio/SPI.c:179
msgid "Invalid phase"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/SPI.c:159 shared-bindings/busio/SPI.c:183
msgid "Invalid number of bits"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bitbangio/SPI.c:284 shared-bindings/busio/SPI.c:348
msgid "buffer slices must be of equal length"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Address.c:101
msgid "Wrong address length"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Address.c:107
msgid "Wrong number of bytes provided"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Device.c:210
msgid "Can't add services in Central mode"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Device.c:226
msgid "Can't connect in Peripheral mode"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Device.c:256
msgid "Can't change the name in Central mode"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/bleio/Device.c:277 shared-bindings/bleio/Device.c:313
msgid "Can't advertise in Central mode"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/busio/I2C.c:120
msgid "Function requires lock."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/busio/UART.c:102
msgid "bits must be 7, 8 or 9"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/busio/UART.c:114
msgid "stop must be 1 or 2"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:211
msgid "Invalid direction."
msgstr "Dirección inválida."
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:240
msgid "Cannot set value when direction is input."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:266
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:281
msgid "Drive mode not used when direction is input."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:314
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:331
msgid "Pull not used when direction is output."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/digitalio/DigitalInOut.c:340
msgid "Unsupported pull value."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Bitmap.c:84
msgid "y should be an int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Bitmap.c:89
msgid "row buffer must be a bytearray or array of type 'b' or 'B'"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Bitmap.c:94
msgid "row data must be a buffer"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/ColorConverter.c:72
msgid "color should be an int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/FourWire.c:55
#: shared-bindings/displayio/FourWire.c:64
msgid "displayio is a work in progress"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Group.c:65
msgid "Group must have size at least 1"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:96
msgid "color buffer must be a bytearray or array of type 'b' or 'B'"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:102
msgid "color buffer must be 3 bytes (RGB) or 4 bytes (RGB + pad byte)"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:106
msgid "color must be between 0x000000 and 0xffffff"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:110
msgid "color buffer must be a buffer or int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:123
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Palette.c:137
msgid "palette_index should be an int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Sprite.c:48
msgid "position must be 2-tuple"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Sprite.c:97
msgid "unsupported bitmap type"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/displayio/Sprite.c:162
msgid "pixel_shader must be displayio.Palette or displayio.ColorConverter"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/gamepad/GamePad.c:100
msgid "too many arguments"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/gamepad/GamePad.c:104
msgid "expected a DigitalInOut"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/i2cslave/I2CSlave.c:98
msgid "can't convert address to int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/i2cslave/I2CSlave.c:101
msgid "address out of bounds"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/i2cslave/I2CSlave.c:107
msgid "addresses is empty"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/microcontroller/Pin.c:89
#: shared-bindings/neopixel_write/__init__.c:67
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseOut.c:76
msgid "Expected a %q"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/microcontroller/Pin.c:100
msgid "%q in use"
msgstr "%q está siendo utilizado"
#: shared-bindings/microcontroller/__init__.c:126
msgid "Invalid run mode."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/multiterminal/__init__.c:68
msgid "Stream missing readinto() or write() method."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:99
msgid "Slice and value different lengths."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:104
msgid "Array values should be single bytes."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:111 shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:141
msgid "Unable to write to nvm."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/nvm/ByteArray.c:137
msgid "Bytes must be between 0 and 255."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/os/__init__.c:200
msgid "No hardware random available"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PWMOut.c:164
msgid ""
"PWM duty_cycle must be between 0 and 65535 inclusive (16 bit resolution)"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PWMOut.c:195
msgid ""
"PWM frequency not writable when variable_frequency is False on construction."
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseIn.c:275
msgid "Cannot delete values"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseIn.c:281
msgid "Slices not supported"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseIn.c:287
msgid "index must be int"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseIn.c:293
msgid "Read-only"
msgstr "Solo-lectura"
#: shared-bindings/pulseio/PulseOut.c:135
msgid "Array must contain halfwords (type 'H')"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/random/__init__.c:92 shared-bindings/random/__init__.c:100
msgid "stop not reachable from start"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/random/__init__.c:111
msgid "step must be non-zero"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/random/__init__.c:114
msgid "invalid step"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/random/__init__.c:146
msgid "empty sequence"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/rtc/RTC.c:40 shared-bindings/rtc/RTC.c:44
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:190
msgid "RTC is not supported on this board"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/rtc/RTC.c:52
msgid "RTC calibration is not supported on this board"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/socket/__init__.c:516 shared-module/network/__init__.c:81
msgid "no available NIC"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/storage/__init__.c:77
msgid "filesystem must provide mount method"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/supervisor/__init__.c:93
msgid "Brightness must be between 0 and 255"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/supervisor/__init__.c:119
msgid "Stack size must be at least 256"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:78
msgid "sleep length must be non-negative"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:88
msgid "time.struct_time() takes exactly 1 argument"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:91
msgid "time.struct_time() takes a 9-sequence"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:169 shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:264
msgid "Tuple or struct_time argument required"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:174 shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:269
msgid "function takes exactly 9 arguments"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:240 shared-bindings/time/__init__.c:273
msgid "timestamp out of range for platform time_t"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/touchio/TouchIn.c:173
msgid "threshold must be in the range 0-65536"
msgstr ""
#: shared-bindings/util.c:38
msgid ""
"Object has been deinitialized and can no longer be used. Create a new object."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:47 shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:117
msgid "Couldn't allocate first buffer"
msgstr "No se pudo asignar el primer buffer"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:53 shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:123
msgid "Couldn't allocate second buffer"
msgstr "No se pudo asignar el segundo buffer"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:82
msgid "Voice index too high"
msgstr "Index de voz demasiado alto"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:85
msgid "The sample's sample rate does not match the mixer's"
msgstr "El sample rate del sample no iguala al del mixer"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:88
msgid "The sample's channel count does not match the mixer's"
msgstr "La cuenta de canales del sample no iguala a las del mixer"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:91
msgid "The sample's bits_per_sample does not match the mixer's"
msgstr "Los bits_per_sample del sample no igualan a los del mixer"
#: shared-module/audioio/Mixer.c:100
msgid "The sample's signedness does not match the mixer's"
msgstr "El signo del sample no iguala al del mixer"
#: shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:61
msgid "Invalid wave file"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:69
msgid "Invalid format chunk size"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:83
msgid "Unsupported format"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:99
msgid "Data chunk must follow fmt chunk"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/audioio/WaveFile.c:107
msgid "Invalid file"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/I2C.c:58
msgid "Clock stretch too long"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:44
msgid "Clock pin init failed."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:50
msgid "MOSI pin init failed."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:61
msgid "MISO pin init failed."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:121
msgid "Cannot write without MOSI pin."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:176
msgid "Cannot read without MISO pin."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/bitbangio/SPI.c:240
msgid "Cannot transfer without MOSI and MISO pins."
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/displayio/Bitmap.c:49
msgid "Only bit maps of 8 bit color or less are supported"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/displayio/Bitmap.c:69
msgid "row must be packed and word aligned"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/displayio/Group.c:39
msgid "Group full"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/displayio/Group.c:48
msgid "Group empty"
msgstr "Group vacío"
#: shared-module/displayio/OnDiskBitmap.c:49
msgid "Invalid BMP file"
msgstr "Archivo BMP inválido"
#: shared-module/displayio/OnDiskBitmap.c:59
#, c-format
msgid "Only Windows format, uncompressed BMP supported %d"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/displayio/OnDiskBitmap.c:64
#, c-format
msgid "Only true color (24 bpp or higher) BMP supported %x"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/storage/__init__.c:155
msgid "Cannot remount '/' when USB is active."
msgstr "No se puede volver a montar '/' cuando el USB esta activo."
#: shared-module/struct/__init__.c:39
msgid "'S' and 'O' are not supported format types"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/struct/__init__.c:83
msgid "too many arguments provided with the given format"
msgstr ""
#: shared-module/usb_hid/Device.c:45
#, c-format
msgid "Buffer incorrect size. Should be %d bytes."
msgstr "Tamaño de buffer incorrecto. Debe ser de %d bytes."
#: shared-module/usb_hid/Device.c:53
msgid "USB Busy"
msgstr "USB ocupado"
#: shared-module/usb_hid/Device.c:59
msgid "USB Error"
msgstr "Error USB"
#~ msgid "Baud rate too high for this SPI peripheral"
#~ msgstr "Baud rate demasiado alto para este periférico SPI"
#~ msgid "Invalid Service type"
#~ msgstr "Tipo de Servicio inválido"
#~ msgid "Can encode UUID into the advertisement packet."
#~ msgstr "Se puede codificar el UUID en el paquete de anuncio."
#~ msgid "Can not encode UUID, to check length."
#~ msgstr "No se puede codificar el UUID, para revisar la longitud."
#~ msgid "Can not query for the device address."
#~ msgstr "No se puede consultar la dirección del dispositivo."
#~ msgid "Can not apply advertisement data. status: 0x%02x"
#~ msgstr "No se puede aplicar los datos de anuncio. status: 0x%02x"
#~ msgid "Can not apply device name in the stack."
#~ msgstr "No se puede aplicar el nombre del dispositivo en el stack."
#~ msgid "Can not add Characteristic."
#~ msgstr "No se puede agregar la Característica."
#~ msgid "Cannot apply GAP parameters."
#~ msgstr "No se pueden aplicar los parámetros GAP."
#~ msgid "Cannot set PPCP parameters."
#~ msgstr "No se pueden establecer los parámetros PPCP."
#~ msgid "Can not add Service."
#~ msgstr "No se puede agregar el Servicio."