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Damien George 761e4c7ff6 all: Remove trailing spaces, per coding conventions. 5 years ago
Damien George c557215822 Add 'bare-arm' port: the bare minimum to get it running on an ARM MCU. 9 years ago
Dave Hylands dd38d90724 Initial checkin with STM HAL 9 years ago
Damien George ed378cd12f stm: Tidy up memory labels; optimise GC root scanning. 9 years ago
Damien George 01fa4a9164 stm: Fix gccollect ram range. 9 years ago
mux 76a6335b6e Move HEAP_END and RAM_END to linker script 9 years ago
Damien George 449dd0a69e stm: Put gc_collect code in separate file; define _ram_start in .ld. 9 years ago
Damien George 0004a84ec0 Revert "Move gc_collect to py/gc.c" 9 years ago
mux a215b09c0d Move gc_collect to py/gc.c 9 years ago
Damien George 12e2656472 stm: allow more flash for the binary. 9 years ago
Damien 995b8aabb1 Partially implement proper flash storage. 9 years ago
Damien 4a175e1f11 Fix up linker script; improve startup code; printf to USB. 9 years ago
Damien ed65605edc Inital commit of stm32f4xx framework. 9 years ago