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Dan Halbert 615ec7f74d merge from upstream 4 years ago
Dan Halbert f14fbd4aab update docs/supported_ports.rst 4 years ago
Kamil Tomaszewski 1fa8841d20 Change port name to cxd56 4 years ago
Kamil Tomaszewski 0a48282e51 Add Spresense to supported_ports 4 years ago
sommersoft 01ec3b995e use 'any()' vs 'len == 1 & == False' 4 years ago
sommersoft c3dda7c535 add parsing for 'MINIMAL/DEFAULT'; process inclusion when determined by another module 4 years ago
sommersoft 8c75962850 add ':noindex:' to micropy's 'network.rst' to avoid sphinx conflict 4 years ago
sommersoft d489c7a057 change 'c2rst' from source_parser -> extension; allows use of sphinx 2.x 4 years ago
sommersoft 143275db04 fix board_exclusion lookup 4 years ago
sommersoft 69bbdcab91 use MICROPY_HW_BOARD_NAME vice board's folder name 4 years ago
sommersoft c6ac0ba683 move the support matrix to its own page; add linking for modules 4 years ago
sommersoft a184380dc9 add port-wide config parsing; add modules-by-board function 4 years ago
sommersoft b90b63bb2b don't use files to pass data; call and return directly in conf.py 4 years ago
sommersoft fce1efc74c more python3.5 compatibility fixes 4 years ago
sommersoft 86e885c5fc handle module exclusion when the default is to not include a module 4 years ago
sommersoft 7378744bb2 update regex module use to be python3.5 compatible 4 years ago
sommersoft 42ed84141e fix late-night directory snafu 4 years ago
sommersoft 4342383d95 add jinja extension; update shared-bindings/index.rst to use jinja 4 years ago
sommersoft f1256c0b35 add script to gather module support matrix info; add initial json file 4 years ago
Alexander Hagerman 48443c9c3f Update import statement in code snippet.
The code snippets in the Design Guide article reference  without the  statement.
4 years ago
Craig Forbes 0bb92d4fc3 Fix references to cpython in builtins documentation. 4 years ago
John Reese 99164a9a13 Pin dependencies to force sphinx 1.8.5 4 years ago
John Reese 63c720bcfb Include sphinx and recommonmark in docs/requirements.txt 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 5f5e456e58
Tweak RTD to install svg2pdfconverter 4 years ago
brentru a9e2592425 add weight sensor property to the design guide 4 years ago
sommersoft c80e22b6fc
make less vaguer 4 years ago
sommersoft 156b0d286a
dropped the fancy URLs so Sphinx doesn't complain 4 years ago
sommersoft 12ccd5ec55
link to new drivers.rst on the Bundle 4 years ago
Dan Halbert 04aa906fac fix a few ble-related doc issues 4 years ago
Roy Hooper ffe734edf7 Fresh combined checkin of _pixelbuf library. 4 years ago
Dan Halbert 4167bf5b24 wip: advertising works, but not connection 5 years ago
sommersoft 4254ae6d5b add 74HC595 5 years ago
sommersoft 59430ea26d fix L3GD20 link 5 years ago
sommersoft d7aa790e4b add trailing '/' to links missing them 5 years ago
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sommersoft a7a66e9399 fix led-animation url; it has 2 valid urls... 5 years ago
sommersoft b68517fbab replaced scrubbed drivers 5 years ago
sommersoft 028915d6f7 update /docs/drivers.rst page; 19 drivers added 5 years ago
Nick Moore 5bb12793a0 update documentation and translations again 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 12e2a26406
Add new drivers to the doc page 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 0a02d77d64
Comment that it may vary by board 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 76971d9907
For #1067
5 years ago
Dan Halbert c76a4d477f remove qemu-arm build; fix docs build bugs 5 years ago
Dan Halbert bc760dd341 WIP: complete manual inspection of all significant changes 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 2809b4f9dd Merge branch 'master' into micropython-25ae98f-merge 5 years ago
Dan Halbert a20ab40ed2 Merge 3.0.0 final bugfixes and changes to master 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 7c219600a2 WIP: after merge; before testing 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 8e6feecf11
Merge pull request #863 from dhalbert/3.0_doc_updates
RTD documentation updates
5 years ago
Dan Halbert bbdca2f352 typos in builtins.rst 5 years ago