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Scott Shawcroft de5a9d72dc
Compress all translated strings with Huffman coding.
This saves code space in builds which use link-time optimization.
The optimization drops the untranslated strings and replaces them
with a compressed_string_t struct. It can then be decompressed to
a c string.

Builds without LTO work as well but include both untranslated
strings and compressed strings.

This work could be expanded to include QSTRs and loaded strings if
a compress method is added to C. Its tracked in #531.
2018-08-16 17:40:57 -07:00
Scott Shawcroft 933add6cd8
Support internationalisation. 2018-08-07 14:58:57 -07:00
Dan Halbert e724bc1c4e Fix playing audio from SD card 2018-06-14 18:47:40 -04:00
Scott Shawcroft 28642ab10d Add audio output support!
This evolves the API from 2.x (and breaks it). Playback devices are now
separate from the samples themselves. This allows for greater playback
flexibility. Two sample sources are audioio.RawSample and audioio.WaveFile.
They can both be mono or stereo. They can be output to audioio.AudioOut or

Internally, the dma tracking has changed from a TC counting block transfers
to an interrupt generated by the block event sent to the EVSYS. This reduces
the overhead of each DMA transfer so multiple can occure without using up TCs.

Fixes #652. Fixes #522. Huge progress on #263
2018-04-12 16:35:13 -07:00