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Dan Halbert bc760dd341 WIP: complete manual inspection of all significant changes 4 years ago
arturo182 05c1384b67 nrf: Split the ble module into a shared part and the port implementation 4 years ago
arturo182 2c63fb2a94 nrf: Remove the random hal and module 4 years ago
arturo182 c6a2a55bc9 nrf: Cleanup mpconfigboard files 4 years ago
arturo182 887486582e nrf: Remove port-specific help 4 years ago
hathach 1745e20391 replace jlink with native usb cdc for serial REPL 4 years ago
arturo182 9c08db55ff nrf: Cleanup machine and microbit leftovers 5 years ago
arturo182 c2d4d0a10b nrf: Simplify pin generation and definition 5 years ago
arturo182 b47a67d566 nrf: Remove machine, pyb and utime modules 5 years ago
Matt Wozniski d0e6bb269f Use the system errno's on nrf 5 years ago
Radomir Dopieralski d02899f822 Add gamepad_singleto to root pointers for the nrf port 5 years ago
hathach 53593d1315 fix #809 5 years ago
Jeff Epler 471fdae993 nrf: Enable binascii, hashlib modules 5 years ago
Jeff Epler 2acd5d88b6 nrf52: enable framebuf module 5 years ago
jerryneedell b617271191
Update mpconfigport.h 5 years ago
Jeff Epler abec199c19 Enable high-quality float hash 5 years ago
Jeff Epler 355bf8b553 Conditionally compile out nonstandard array/struct typecodes 5 years ago
arturo182 05bd5d4ee6 nrf: Remove nRF51 boards and files, update README 5 years ago
arturo182 afaee7f782 nrf: Use the shared bitbangio module 5 years ago
arturo182 d1b2f69771 nrf: Use the shared struct module 5 years ago
arturo182 1de2ee6884 nrf: Implement ticks, add gamepad module and example 5 years ago
microbuilder 1276c12097 Enable SD132v2.0.1 BLE and UBLUEPY support by default 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 23eb79ca8f turn on MICROPY_ENABLE_SOURCE_LINE in nrf 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 01443a9619 Make chosen features consistent across all boards and ports atmel-samd, esp8266, and nrf. 5 years ago
hathach 7f79a0e78c added Ctrl+C interrupt 5 years ago
microbuilder 60a23f0fb6 nRF52 update with internal file system support 5 years ago
Kevin Townsend ce75a21e50 Revert "Supervisor REPL support for ports/nrf/boards/feather52" 5 years ago
Kevin Townsend 92113dde81 Supervisor REPL support for ports/nrf/boards/feather52 5 years ago
Ayke van Laethem f57be619fc ports/nrf: Add compile switch to disable VFS. 5 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 44e2cb415f ports/nrf: Moving nrf51/52 port to new ports directory 5 years ago
glennrub 795116b432 nrf/modules/random: Backport of microbit random number generator module 5 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 863a5c1734 nrf: Add support for floating point on nrf52 targets. 5 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke def719e7a7 nrf: Use the name MicroPython consistently in comments 5 years ago
Daniel Tralamazza e5802fd9f8 implement #50 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke e645b0b425 nrf5: Updating mpconfigport.h to set default values for MICROPY_HW_LED_COUNT (0) and MICROPY_HW_LED_PULLUP (0). 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke d1a4b19dc5 nrf5: Facilitate option to configure away the modble if needed. Enabled if MICROPY_PY_BLE config is enabled in bluetooth_conf.h. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 54656044f7 nrf5: Syncing code with upstream master and converting all module and method tables to use MP_ROM macros. Also adding explicit casting of local dicts to (mp_obj_dict_t*). 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke cf1c6939ea nrf5: Updating mpconfigport.h to include music module as builtin. Adding new configuration for enabling music module. Activating MODULE_BUILTIN_INIT in order to run music module init function on import. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 94efa02084 nrf5: Adding new configuration called MICROPY_PY_MACHINE_SOFT_PWM to mpconfigport.h. This config will enable software defined PWM using timer instead of using dedicated PWM hardware. Aimed to be used in nrf51 targets. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 10cbc83cf0 nrf5/pwm: Updating config name of PWM to hardware PWM to prepare for introduction of soft variant. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke d7cfae3639 nrf5/usocket: Removing network modules related to Bluetooth 6lowpan implementation as it depends on SDK libraries for now. Will be moved to seperate working branch. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 4dd86178bc nrf5: Removing custom display, framebuffer and graphics module to make branch contain core components instead of playground modules. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 611b829138 nrf5/uart: Refactoring UART module and HAL driver 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 5f9b070f6d nrf5: Disable machine PWM module by default if board does not define it. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 309ae12346 nrf5: Starting process of renaming files in sdk folder to facilitate renaming of the folder and make it more logical. Transition will be from sdk to bluetooth. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke ac677efb8b nrf5: Add default config for MICROPY_PY_BLE_NUS (0) 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke ec517a37f6 nrf5: Set ubluepy to disabled by default in mpconfigport.h if not configured. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 35a7aa1331 nrf5: Adding ubluepy module to builtins if bluetooth stack is selected. Disable NUS profile by default. Adding source for ubluepy module into makefile to be included in build. The source is only linked if MICROPY_PY_UBLUEPY is set. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 0f609cd799 nrf5: Aligning code after upmerge with master. Mostly FAT FS related updates. Not tested after merge. 6 years ago
Glenn Ruben Bakke 14d4a8def8 nrf5: Making i2c configurable from board configuration in case board has to sacrifice the i2c machine module. 6 years ago