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Dan Halbert bc760dd341 WIP: complete manual inspection of all significant changes 4 years ago
Damien George 01dd7804b8 ports: Make new ports/ sub-directory and move all ports there. 5 years ago
Damien George 48d867b4a6 all: Make more use of mp_raise_{msg,TypeError,ValueError} helpers. 6 years ago
Damien George aca898eeb0 esp8266/machine_uart: Add uart.any() method. 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft f28f8ba568 Split up nativeio. 6 years ago
Damien George ae8d867586 py: Add iter_buf to getiter type method. 6 years ago
marc hoffman 91eb0153d3 esp8266/uart: Add support for polling uart device. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 59a1201da9 all: Remove readall() method, which is equivalent to read() w/o args. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 8bc3fc20fe esp8266: Rename "machine" module implementation to use contemporary naming. 6 years ago
daniel-k aa4ada943a esp8266/modpybuart: Fix UART parity setting. 6 years ago
Radomir Dopieralski 35962eaab0 esp8266/modpybuart: allow setting baudrate and other params 7 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 07209f8592 all: Rename mp_obj_type_t::stream_p to protocol. 7 years ago
Damien George 4f2ba9fbdc esp8266: Convert to use new MP_Exxx errno symbols. 7 years ago
Damien George d46bea9ffa esp8266: Implement functionality. 7 years ago
Damien George 1a0a323ca8 esp8266: Add initial implementation of machine.UART. 7 years ago