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Damien George 92667dc2e5 tools/ Add support for multiple memory segments. 4 years ago
Damien George 8fb95d6520 tools/ Increase download packet size to full 2048 bytes. 4 years ago
Keith Wiley 3ea0862a6e tools/ Fix typo in comments. 4 years ago
Damien George bb516af1eb tools/ Call set_configuration() on fresh USB device object. 5 years ago
Dave Hylands c91727b75a tools: Fix to work with old and new versions of PyUSB 7 years ago
Damien George 5fc42a6c97 tools, pydfu: Some fixes to support Python 3. 8 years ago
Dave Hylands 842210f53a Add to the micropython tree. Use dfu_util bgy default 8 years ago