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Damien George ecdf6cdc5b tools: Fix up pybcdc.inf generation: new lines and hex digits.
Using Python's file open in 'r' mode opens it for text reading, which
converts all new lines to \n.  Could use 'rb' binary mode, but then
don't have access to the string Template replacement functions.  Thus,
force the output to have '\\r\\n' ending.

Also fix regex to match hex digits.
2014-04-16 11:45:52 +01:00
Andrew Scheller 1452221aca Auto-generate the stmhal/pybcdc_inf header file from static files
The USB VID&PID are automatically extracted from usbd_desc_cdc_msc.c
and inserted into pybcdc_inf.template, ensuring that the same USB
IDs get used everywhere
2014-04-16 02:41:26 +01:00