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3 Commits (b4c1b355bb621c0b1e9980d2d83262327bd001f8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Noralf Trønnes 1ed0e45fc2 Add i2cslave.I2CSlave bindings 4 years ago
Alexander Steffen 299bc62586 all: Unify header guard usage. 5 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 6ab2c5e6cc lib/interrupt_char: Factor out typical Ctrl+C handling from esp8266 port. 6 years ago
Damien George 76c366df56 stmhal: Add machine.WDT class. 6 years ago
misterdanb a0a08b4be1 esp8266: Add APA102 serial individually controllable LEDs support. 7 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 6b0c88256b extmod/vfs_fat_file: Reusable FatFs module, move from stmhal/file. 7 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 350ab0f570 stmhal/file: Recast as "FatFs file" class, to support other VFS types. 7 years ago
Damien George 04b9147e15 Add license header to (almost) all files. 9 years ago
Damien George 13c19c57a0 stmhal: Only init RNG if it's used. 9 years ago
Damien George ad7b84a7b9 stmhal: Add os module with a few basic functions. 9 years ago
Damien George 684164a8cf stmhal: Add PYBv10 config; add RNG support. 9 years ago