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Noralf Trønnes 1ed0e45fc2 Add i2cslave.I2CSlave bindings 2018-08-16 17:11:20 +02:00
Alexander Steffen 299bc62586 all: Unify header guard usage.
The code conventions suggest using header guards, but do not define how
those should look like and instead point to existing files. However, not
all existing files follow the same scheme, sometimes omitting header guards
altogether, sometimes using non-standard names, making it easy to
accidentally pick a "wrong" example.

This commit ensures that all header files of the MicroPython project (that
were not simply copied from somewhere else) follow the same pattern, that
was already present in the majority of files, especially in the py folder.

The rules are as follows.

Naming convention:
* start with the words MICROPY_INCLUDED
* contain the full path to the file
* replace special characters with _

In addition, there are no empty lines before #ifndef, between #ifndef and
one empty line before #endif. #endif is followed by a comment containing
the name of the guard macro.

py/grammar.h cannot use header guards by design, since it has to be
included multiple times in a single C file. Several other files also do not
need header guards as they are only used internally and guaranteed to be
included only once:
* mpconfigboard.h
* mpconfigport.h
* mpthreadport.h
* pin_defs_*.h
* qstrdefs*.h
2017-07-18 11:57:39 +10:00
Paul Sokolovsky 6ab2c5e6cc lib/interrupt_char: Factor out typical Ctrl+C handling from esp8266 port.
Utility functions for keyboard interrupt handling, to be reused across
(baremetal) ports.
2016-09-29 10:15:38 -07:00