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Scott Shawcroft 966a48b23a
More size_t usage 2019-08-27 12:49:46 -07:00
Dan Halbert ef61b5ecb5 Initial merge of micropython v1.9.2 into circuitpython 2.0.0 (in development) master.
cpx build compiles and loads and works in repl; test suite not run yet
esp8266 not tested yet
2017-08-25 22:17:07 -04:00
Scott Shawcroft 939c0045db Switch to a shared piece of code to compute start and length of a
buffer from start, end and length. The old code miscomputed length
leading to writing and reading from memory past the end of the buffer.
Consolidating the code should make it easier to get right everywhere.
2017-04-20 11:24:05 -07:00