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Noralf Trønnes 39ee12d1ac Fix os.stat() to use 1970 epoch 4 years ago
Alexander Steffen 55f33240f3 all: Use the name MicroPython consistently in comments 5 years ago
Alexander Steffen 299bc62586 all: Unify header guard usage. 5 years ago
Ville Skyttä ca16c38210 various: Spelling fixes 5 years ago
Damien George b6c7e4b143 all: Use full path name when including mp-readline/timeutils/netutils. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 1bc8aa85a4 lib/timeutils/timeutils: Fix pedantic warning in coverage build. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 993cc3611a lib/timeutils/timeutils: timeutils_mktime may accept negative time values. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 50ef851bee lib/timeutils/timeutils: Typo fix in comment. 7 years ago
Dave Hylands a3a14b9db7 lib: Fix some issues in timeutils 7 years ago
Josef Gajdusek 1db4253886 lib: Move time utility functions to common library. 7 years ago