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Alexander Steffen 55f33240f3 all: Use the name MicroPython consistently in comments 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft ccbb5e84f9 This introduces an alternative hardware API called nativeio structured around different functions that are typically accelerated by native hardware. Its not meant to reflect the structure of the hardware. 6 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky c6923f52f0 lib/libc/string0: Remove better-than-standard strncpy() implementation. 7 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky bd9de5ec90 lib/libc/string0: Add strncpy() implementation. 7 years ago
Damien George 64ececb72f lib/libc/string0: Use uintptr_t instead of uint32_t. 7 years ago
Daniel Campora abea1c38a9 lib/libc: Add memchr. We already have strchr, but memchr is useful too. 8 years ago
Damien George f53a8e712f lib/libc/string0.c: Remove include of std.h, replace with string.h. 8 years ago
Paul Sokolovsky 3a84c8b58d string0.c: Move from stmhal/ to lib/. 8 years ago