26 Commits (b4c1b355bb621c0b1e9980d2d83262327bd001f8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
JoeBakalor 2abccc1745 update vid and pid for teknikio_bluebird 3 years ago
John Reese 7f7665c1c0 Use rst2pyi to generate type stubs and package 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 34c8c669a3
Ignore vscode files 3 years ago
Carlos 245a7b72a6 Add POEdit .mo files to gitignore 4 years ago
hathach 7961103ee6 update SD to v6.1.0 4 years ago
Dan Halbert d305e7d6cf handle errno defns for mingw and use correct executable name 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 252aacdddf
Analysis fixes and long lived tweaks. 4 years ago
hathach 3d8bb96f75 update gitignore 4 years ago
hathach 3a54a67f3d add 52840 serial bootloader 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 9ac6890d20 update CPX frozen modules to latest versions 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 7292984204 Implement busio.I2c. 5 years ago
Damien George 761e4c7ff6 all: Remove trailing spaces, per coding conventions. 5 years ago
Rami Ali 3218ccd70d docs: Modify Makefile and indexes to generate cPy-differences pages. 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft ce94b3f0b4 Ignore the bin folder that can be used to collect binaries across ports. 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 46e7f8e4fb Documentation rework to unify the docs together rather than having them 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 05368d2c58 Include the precompiled math library from ASF. 6 years ago
Krzysztof Blazewicz d1a366fdd4 .gitignore: Add *.pyc, because Python 2 doesn't use __pycache__. 6 years ago
stijn a62c106974 msvc: Allow overriding of build options with custom file 7 years ago
Dave Hylands 1bbdd4ed2a Add GNUmakefile to the .gitignore file. 8 years ago
stijn cdcd3de53f Ignore .exe files 8 years ago
Damien George b14f2a0ba3 Update .gitignore to ignore __pycache__/. 8 years ago
Andrew Scheller 4391c8f38e Update .gitignore 8 years ago
Dave Hylands d80ee8bbfd Added memzip filesystem support for teensy 9 years ago
mux b3683abaeb Add gitignore file 9 years ago