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Paul Sokolovsky 06b783cf58 lib/berkeley-db-1.xx: Add Berkeley DB 1.85 as a submodule.
From, which so far contains
pristine 1.85, but will get patches and compile warning fixes going

Berkeley DB 1.xx is BSD-licensed, and will form the basis of "btree"
simple database module.
2016-06-14 22:20:18 +03:00
Galen Hazelwood 22cb7cd953 lib/lwip: Add LwIP stack as a submodule in the library directory 2015-10-23 00:35:20 +03:00
Paul Sokolovsky c13be69a8e lib/libffi: Add libffi as a submodule.
This allows to build libffi from source together with micropython, and is
useful for cross-compilation. Support for this was already merged
previously, to use:

make libffi

(To both commands appropriate cross-compilition flags can be added).
2015-10-17 15:52:35 +03:00
Paul Sokolovsky 90a36942b4 lib/axtls: Add axtls git submodule, dependency of modussl.
From , branch micropython.
2015-10-04 02:39:00 +03:00