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Hierophect e66fcb5e1f add missing newline 3 years ago
Hierophect 8a098c154d Fix unsaved file 3 years ago
Hierophect 1a7060af25 Add us delay 3 years ago
Hierophect 1006c5600c Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 years ago
Hierophect 0b85c4bb20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into stm32-uart 3 years ago
Hierophect dfe73a063d Fix error that would carry past python exception 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 01bf932169
Merge pull request #2269 from theacodes/add-winterbloom-sol 3 years ago
Thea Flowers 73989dbcaf Add board configuration for Winterbloom Sol 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 8cd2f87e99
Merge pull request #2236 from tannewt/bleio_tweaks 3 years ago
Dan Halbert c87d6cc6a5
Merge pull request #2248 from hierophect/stm32-PWM 3 years ago
Dan Halbert f185b30d71
Update PWMOut.h 3 years ago
Hierophect 38e38b9f8d remove redundant comment 3 years ago
Hierophect 632b3267dc Add auto-shutoff of DAC when channels de-inited 3 years ago
Hierophect b9063dd226 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 years ago
Hierophect 9d4c95deeb Revert "Add default defines" 3 years ago
Hierophect 40f920fbdf complete attribution edits 3 years ago
Hierophect ca1eb4def1 Add other board globals 3 years ago
Hierophect 2111a7c4cf Merge branch 'master' into stm32-defaults 3 years ago
Hierophect 3526fed611 add board global 3 years ago
Hierophect 15d8d88950 Add default defines 3 years ago
Hierophect ccff7e70ca Style changes and refactors 3 years ago
Dan Halbert e3638ffaad
Merge pull request #2262 from jepler/cpb-speaker-disable 3 years ago
Hierophect 1c4f49bb83 attribution changes 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft cd3fcc87ab
Merge pull request #2252 from dhalbert/cpb-two-i2c 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 85a648224f Check for no pullups on I2C on nrf; give arduino nano 33 ble two I2C devices 3 years ago
jepler 2bdccf03a7 cpb: define the SPEAKER_ENABLE_PIN 3 years ago
jepler fe47eba97f nRF: Handle SPEAKER_ENABLE_PIN 3 years ago
Hierophect 8d0cc71aee Add write protections, fix edge case read halt 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft c36931384f
Merge pull request #2260 from dhalbert/dotstar-brightness 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft c1f56501de
Merge pull request #2257 from Retoc/master 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 47e50e5659
Merge remote-tracking branch 'adafruit/master' into bleio_tweaks 3 years ago
Hierophect e605ce6317 Debugging additions 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 99fe905039 Reduce DotStar status brightness; macros for status colors 3 years ago
retoc e4803a7973 added german translation 3 years ago
Hierophect 0a1a12b867 Revise PWM period generation algorithm to match other ports 3 years ago
Brent Rubell 08d1019f2b
Merge pull request #2256 from brentru/master 3 years ago
brentru 2f04c5891f flip it around 3 years ago
brentru ab3da3071c flip MADCTL BGR bit to reflect RGB colors 3 years ago
Hierophect c78d79938d remove debug output 3 years ago
Hierophect a8070a4185 Revise IRQ managment, add restart on failure 3 years ago
Hierophect bb8046dbb3 remove debug messages 3 years ago
ladyada d2b613134d we should use native rotation, and tweak madctl (not done yet) 3 years ago
ladyada 1e869d1334 switch to 8-bit mode - tested on hardware! 3 years ago
Hierophect 6b0cb87cbf Dynamic prescaler adjustment, adjust pulse resolution 3 years ago
Hierophect 4de5a33a43 Style changes 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 43b8d5e8ab Update I2C and SPI documentation 3 years ago
Hierophect 33deb6752b Add harder resets to UART 3 years ago
Dan Halbert e35eb08f1d nrf: allocate two I2C on CPB 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 56ac41fabf
Merge pull request #2240 from theacodes/fix-2086 3 years ago
Dan Halbert cc13fc3433
Merge pull request #2247 from jepler/comment-doc-typos 3 years ago