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2 Commits (7d8dac9211dab92d750a0351335b4ad3fffc05e2)

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Scott Shawcroft 7d8dac9211
Refine iMX RT memory layout and add three boards 3 years ago
arturo182 13e0cba6f1 Add initial MIMXRT10XX port 3 years ago
Hierophect d42c4b082d revert sublime being a dumb 3 years ago
Hierophect 39dbcb529a revert git being a dumb 3 years ago
Hierophect 9d4c95deeb Revert "Add default defines" 3 years ago
Hierophect 15d8d88950 Add default defines 3 years ago
Hierophect 511071e1ba Rename feather across folders and config, fix makefile def issue 3 years ago
Hierophect dc1109dba7 add feather support 3 years ago
Hierophect 60bb6acf38 Add F405 support 3 years ago
Dan Halbert 5877bd6036 CPblue initial definition 3 years ago
Tavish Naruka 4a7122d354 boards: add support for Electronut labs Blip 4 years ago
Tavish Naruka 32a0855d18 Add support for Electronut Labs Papyr. 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 9d91111b1b
Move atmel-samd to tinyusb and support nRF flash. 4 years ago
Dan Halbert e335c74ac6 use open-drain capabilities on GPIO; clean up board init; set correct GPIO voltage 4 years ago
Dan Halbert 85df32907f rename nrf boards to feather_nrf52832 and feather_nrf52840_express 4 years ago
hathach 3bb45511fa add feather52840 board 5 years ago
arturo182 a7cde0e49a nrf: Fix pca10040 support 5 years ago
arturo182 1de2ee6884 nrf: Implement ticks, add gamepad module and example 5 years ago
arturo182 76f5c01798 nrf: Get the port working on pca10056 (nRF52840) 5 years ago
microbuilder 393bc9bce9 Removed leftover code snippet 5 years ago
microbuilder 60a23f0fb6 nRF52 update with internal file system support 5 years ago
Kevin Townsend ce75a21e50 Revert "Supervisor REPL support for ports/nrf/boards/feather52" 5 years ago
Kevin Townsend 92113dde81 Supervisor REPL support for ports/nrf/boards/feather52 5 years ago