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Damien George 0db49c37a4 docs: Fix some references and RST markup to eliminate Sphinx warnings. 2018-03-15 15:50:51 +11:00
Paul Sokolovsky e37ccfe59b docs/packages: Explicitly recommend usage of setuptools instead of distutils. 2017-12-16 10:42:30 +02:00
Paul Sokolovsky 9251f1395e docs/packages: Use "install_dir/" in examples. 2017-12-16 10:37:36 +02:00
Paul Sokolovsky bf73ee114f docs/packages: mpy_bin2res no longer required to create resources.
Everything happens automagically with overridden "sdist" from
2017-12-14 18:28:10 +02:00
Paul Sokolovsky 54cd6e3e4b docs/packages: Add quick "Creating distribution packages" section.
Needs more details.
2017-12-13 00:12:37 +02:00
Paul Sokolovsky c60fc670ea docs/reference/packages: Add chapter on distribution packages and deployment.
A long overdue overview of preparing packages, installing them with upip,
freezing, dealing with resources. Initial version, more iterations required.
2017-12-11 00:08:41 +02:00