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Damien George 58ebeca6a9 drivers/bus: Pull out software SPI implementation to dedicated driver.
This patch takes the software SPI implementation from extmod/machine_spi.c
and moves it to a dedicated file in drivers/bus/softspi.c.  This allows the
SPI driver to be used independently of the uPy runtime, making it a more
general component.
2018-03-10 00:59:43 +11:00
Damien George 989fc16162 stm32: Move MCU-specific cfg from mphalport.h to mpconfigboard_common.h.
It's cleaner to have all the MCU-specific configuration in one location,
not least to help with adding support for a new MCU series.
2018-02-23 16:54:07 +11:00
Damien George 82828340a0 ports: Enable ucollections.deque on relevant ports.
These ports are all capable of running uasyncio.
2018-02-21 22:55:13 +11:00
Damien George 2d5bab46be stm32: Add mpconfigboard_common.h with common/default board settings.
This file mirrors py/mpconfig.h but for board-level config options.  It
provides a default configuration, to be overridden by a specific
mpconfigboard.h file, as well as setting up certain macros to automatically
configure a board.
2018-02-09 18:40:13 +11:00
Damien George c73360bfdb stm32: Allow to build a board without any hardware I2C ports defined.
This patch adds in internal config value MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_HW_I2C that is
automatically configured, and enabled only if one or more hardware I2C
ports are defined in the mpconfigboard.h file.  If none are defined then
the pyb.I2C class is excluded from the build, along with all supporting
code.  The machine.I2C class will still be available for software I2C.

Disabling all hardware I2C on an F4 board saves around 10,000 bytes of code
and 200 bytes of RAM.
2017-12-22 15:20:42 +11:00
Damien George d6bf3658f4 stm32: Make uos.dupterm() conform to specs by using extmod version.
The legacy function pyb.repl_uart() is still provided and retains its
original behaviour (it only accepts a UART object).  uos.dupterm() will now
accept any object with write/readinto methods.  At the moment there is just
1 dupterm slot.
2017-10-19 14:16:42 +11:00
Li Weiwei 5c437963d7 stm32/mpconfigport.h: Add MICROPY_THREAD_YIELD() macro. 2017-10-16 13:32:26 +11:00
Damien George 81a06d2c9c lib/libm: Remove implementation of log2f, use MP_NEED_LOG2 instead. 2017-10-10 16:01:13 +11:00
Damien George aca498c2b0 stm32/mpconfigport.h: Add configuration for max periphs on L4 series. 2017-09-13 17:03:57 +10:00
Damien George d7cd1d2027 stm32/timer: Make pyb.Timer() instances persistent.
Prior to this patch calling pyb.Timer(id) would always create a new timer
instance, even if there was an existing one.  This patch fixes this
behaviour to match other peripherals, like UART, such that constructing a
timer with just the id will retrieve any existing instances.

The patch also refactors the way timers are validated on construction to
simplify and reduce code size.
2017-09-13 16:20:42 +10:00
Damien George 4a93801c12 all: Update Makefiles and others to build with new ports/ dir layout.
Also renames "stmhal" to "stm32" in documentation and everywhere else.
2017-09-06 14:09:13 +10:00
Damien George 01dd7804b8 ports: Make new ports/ sub-directory and move all ports there.
This is to keep the top-level directory clean, to make it clear what is
core and what is a port, and to allow the repository to grow with new ports
in a sustainable way.
2017-09-06 13:40:51 +10:00