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Jeff Epler 238e121236 protocols: Allow them to be (optionally) type-safe
Protocols are nice, but there is no way for C code to verify whether
a type's "protocol" structure actually implements some particular
protocol.  As a result, you can pass an object that implements the
"vfs" protocol to one that expects the "stream" protocol, and the
opposite of awesomeness ensues.

This patch adds an OPTIONAL (but enabled by default) protocol identifier
as the first member of any protocol structure.  This identifier is
simply a unique QSTR chosen by the protocol designer and used by each
protocol implementer.  When checking for protocol support, instead of
just checking whether the object's type has a non-NULL protocol field,
use `mp_proto_get` which implements the protocol check when possible.

The existing protocols are now named:
(most of these are unused in CP and are just inherited from MP; vfs and
stream are definitely used though)

I did not find any crashing examples, but here's one to give a flavor of what
is improved, using `micropython_coverage`.  Before the change,
the vfs "ioctl" protocol is invoked, and the result is not intelligible
as json (but it could have resulted in a hard fault, potentially):

    >>> import uos, ujson
    >>> u = uos.VfsPosix('/tmp')
    >>> ujson.load(u)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    ValueError: syntax error in JSON

After the change, the vfs object is correctly detected as not supporting
the stream protocol:
    >>> ujson.load(p)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    OSError: stream operation not supported
4 years ago
Dan Halbert d089f16656 'seconds' 4 years ago
Dan Halbert dd6dfeb30a Squeeze pyruler zh_Latn_pinyin 4 years ago
Dan Halbert b32a9192df make UART.write be blocking on SAMD; add timeout property 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft a35d9b469d
Refactor deinit check to reduce code size. 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft cfe24b8532
Improve rST consistency for rst2pyi use 4 years ago
Dan Halbert c0c809ad4b Fix version skew for bast_pro_mini build 4 years ago
Lionel Debroux b0c2c3c756 A couple build fixes for mp_float_t = double (MICROPY_FLOAT_IMPL_DOUBLE).
Signed-off-by: Lionel Debroux <lionel_debroux@yahoo.fr>
4 years ago
Dan Halbert 28cfd8a513 CharacteristicBuffer: make it be a stream class; add locking 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 747f2cfe26
Add subclass support to displayio.
Also, swap make_news to accept a kwarg map and refine param checking.

Fixes #1237
4 years ago
Dan Halbert 63cd9209f1 allow KeyboardInterrupt on UART read; fix nrf UART pin claiming; rename feather 52840 UART pins 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 80db2cec99 UART changes: timeout in secs, write bytes, etc. 5 years ago
Dan Halbert bc510e714f merge 3.0.2 to master 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 6a046f55c4 UART fixes and enhancements; default board object fix 5 years ago
Jeff Epler e1b4e9b7c7 UART: Always allocate UART objects in the long-lived pool
Particularly when they have buffers that are written via IRQ or DMA,
UART objects do not relocate gracefully.  If such an object is
relocated to the long-lived pool after its original creation, the
IRQ or DMA will write to an unexpected location within the Python
heap, leading to a variety of symptoms.  The most frequent symptom
is inability to read from the UART.

Consider the particular case of atmel-samd: usart_uart_obj_t
contains a usart_async_descriptor contains a _usart_async_device.
In _sercom_init_irq_param the address of this contained
_usart_async_device is assigned to a global array
sercom_to_sercom_dev which is later used from the interrupt context
_sercom_usart_interrupt_handler to store the received data in the
right ring buffer.

When the UART object is relocated to the long-lived heap, there's no
mechanism to re-point these internal pointers, so instead take the
cowardly way and allocate the UART object as long-lived.

Happily, almost all UART objects are likely to be long-lived, so
this is unlikely to have a negative effect on memory usage or heap

Closes: #1056
5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 933add6cd8
Support internationalisation. 5 years ago
Dan Halbert 9b4477e1dc Implement UART for 3.0 + related fixes.
1. UART: ported to ASF4. Allow rx-only and tx-only. Add .baudrate r/w property.

2. Make NeoPixel timing deterministic by turning off caches during NeoPixel writes.
3. Incorporate asf4 updates:
  a. async USART driver
  b. bringing Atmel START configuration closer to what we use
  c. Clock initialization order now specified by CIRCUITPY_GCLK_INIT_1ST and _LAST.
4. supervisor/port.c: Move commented-out clock-test pin setting to correct location.
5 years ago
Dan Halbert c478c10923 Do not allow a *io object to be used after deinit().
Fixes #278, #277, #276, #275.
6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft aa700a8b42 shared-bindings: Clarify that UART.read() is slow. (#209) 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 30ee7019ca Merge tag 'v1.9.1'
Fixes for stmhal USB mass storage, lwIP bindings and VFS regressions

This release provides an important fix for the USB mass storage device in
the stmhal port by implementing the SCSI SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command, which
is now require by some Operating Systems.  There are also fixes for the
lwIP bindings to improve non-blocking sockets and error codes.  The VFS has
some regressions fixed including the ability to statvfs the root.

All changes are listed below.

py core:
- modbuiltins: add core-provided version of input() function
- objstr: catch case of negative "maxsplit" arg to str.rsplit()
- persistentcode: allow to compile with complex numbers disabled
- objstr: allow to compile with obj-repr D, and unicode disabled
- modsys: allow to compile with obj-repr D and PY_ATTRTUPLE disabled
- provide mp_decode_uint_skip() to help reduce stack usage
- makeqstrdefs.py: make script run correctly with Python 2.6
- objstringio: if created from immutable object, follow copy on write policy

- modlwip: connect: for non-blocking mode, return EINPROGRESS
- modlwip: fix error codes for duplicate calls to connect()
- modlwip: accept: fix error code for non-blocking mode
- vfs: allow to statvfs the root directory
- vfs: allow "buffering" and "encoding" args to VFS's open()
- modframebuf: fix signed/unsigned comparison pendantic warning

- libm: use isfinite instead of finitef, for C99 compatibility
- utils/interrupt_char: remove support for KBD_EXCEPTION disabled

- basics/string_rsplit: add tests for negative "maxsplit" argument
- float: convert "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"
- float/builtin_float_minmax: PEP8 fixes
- basics: convert "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"
- convert remaining "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"

unix port:
- convert to use core-provided version of built-in import()
- Makefile: replace references to make with $(MAKE)

windows port:
- convert to use core-provided version of built-in import()

qemu-arm port:
- Makefile: adjust object-file lists to get correct dependencies
- enable micropython.mem_*() functions to allow more tests

stmhal port:
- boards: enable DAC for NUCLEO_F767ZI board
- add support for NUCLEO_F446RE board
- pass USB handler as parameter to allow more than one USB handler
- usb: use local USB handler variable in Start-of-Frame handler
- usb: make state for USB device private to top-level USB driver
- usbdev: for MSC implement SCSI SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command
- convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version

cc3200 port:
- convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version

teensy port:
- convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version

esp8266 port:
- Makefile: replace references to make with $(MAKE)
- Makefile: add clean-modules target
- convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version

zephyr port:
- modusocket: getaddrinfo: Fix mp_obj_len() usage
- define MICROPY_PY_SYS_PLATFORM (to "zephyr")
- machine_pin: use native Zephyr types for Zephyr API calls

- machine.Pin: remove out_value() method
- machine.Pin: add on() and off() methods
- esp8266: consistently replace Pin.high/low methods with .on/off
- esp8266/quickref: polish Pin.on()/off() examples
- network: move confusingly-named cc3200 Server class to its reference
- uos: deconditionalize, remove minor port-specific details
- uos: move cc3200 port legacy VFS mounting functions to its ref doc
- machine: sort machine classes in logical order, not alphabetically
- network: first step to describe standard network class interface

- embedding: use core-provided KeyboardInterrupt object
6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 714521a4c7 shared-bindings: Update docs to remove with statements from examples but add more detail to the design guide about their use. 6 years ago
Scott Shawcroft f28f8ba568 Split up nativeio.
This was done to allow greatly granularity when deciding what functionality
is built into each board's build. For example, this way pulseio can be
omitted to allow for something else such as touchio.
6 years ago