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Dan Halbert 228a619af5 enable network, wiznet5k, and ps2io by default on M4 2019-11-22 10:59:27 -05:00
Dan Halbert e2a4c76a37 make nrf touchio be generic: now available for SAMD51 too 2019-08-18 08:44:10 -04:00
Dan Halbert 1bb4fccc3b Turn off SUPEROPT on gc.c instead of trying to squueze inline limit so much; reorganize files 2019-06-12 11:08:22 -04:00
Elvis Pfützenreuter 1da8d4b4da Add PS/2 support -- ps2io module 2019-06-04 18:05:46 -03:00
Dan Halbert 5154e0581e WIP: atmel-samd trinket build works 2019-02-15 00:28:20 -05:00
Scott Shawcroft 9d91111b1b
Move atmel-samd to tinyusb and support nRF flash.
This started while adding USB MIDI support (and descriptor support is
in this change.) When seeing that I'd have to implement the MIDI class
logic twice, once for atmel-samd and once for nrf, I decided to refactor
the USB stack so its shared across ports. This has led to a number of
changes that remove items from the ports folder and move them into

Furthermore, we had external SPI flash support for nrf pending so I
factored out the connection between the usb stack and the flash API as
well. This PR also includes the QSPI support for nRF.
2018-11-08 17:25:30 -08:00
Nick Moore 8d75c3d339 Changed to only build wiznet for {feather|metro}_m[04]_express 2018-10-11 13:42:26 +11:00
Dan Halbert 45db48bbaa make longint choice mechanism more readable 2018-05-22 08:04:14 -04:00
Dan Halbert 5680933483 refactor longint settings; make crickit cpx build 2018-05-21 23:58:03 -04:00
Scott Shawcroft a2bd772d5c Begin rework to add qspi support. 2018-02-19 14:02:04 -08:00
Dan Halbert d8686cc002 use correct LD_FILE in for boards with external flash 2018-01-03 16:49:38 -05:00
Dan Halbert 72c911be97 Support SPI flash chips for CIRCUITPY, using non-DMA SPI for now. 2017-11-27 21:00:24 -05:00
Scott Shawcroft 4aeef100f6 atmel-samd: More USB polish
* Introduce a python script to generate the USB descriptor instead of
  a bunch of C macros. In the future, we can use this dynamically in
* Add support for detecting read-only mass storage mounts.

Fixes #377
2017-10-30 18:29:20 -07:00
Scott Shawcroft 73c15dcf8b Merge commit 'f869d6b2e339c04469c6c9ea3fb2fabd7bbb2d8c' into nrf2_merge
This is prep for merging in the NRF5 pull request.
2017-10-24 22:31:16 -07:00