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@ -24,17 +24,15 @@ Interrupt related functions
.. function:: disable_irq()
Disable interrupt requests.
Returns the previous IRQ state: ``False``/``True`` for disabled/enabled IRQs
respectively. This return value can be passed to enable_irq to restore
the IRQ to its original state.
Returns the previous IRQ state which should be considered an opaque value.
This return value should be passed to the ``enable_irq`` function to restore
interrupts to their original state, before ``disable_irq`` was called.
.. function:: enable_irq(state=True)
.. function:: enable_irq(state)
Enable interrupt requests.
If ``state`` is ``True`` (the default value) then IRQs are enabled.
If ``state`` is ``False`` then IRQs are disabled. The most common use of
this function is to pass it the value returned by ``disable_irq`` to
exit a critical section.
Re-enable interrupt requests.
The ``state`` parameter should be the value that was returned from the most
recent call to the ``disable_irq`` function.
Power related functions