docs/library: Add description of "index" parameter to uos.dupterm().

Damien George 6 years ago
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@ -89,8 +89,22 @@ Functions
Return a bytes object with n random bytes. Whenever possible, it is
generated by the hardware random number generator.
.. function:: dupterm(stream_object)
.. function:: dupterm(stream_object, index=0)
Duplicate or switch MicroPython terminal (the REPL) on the passed stream-like
object. The given object must implement the ``readinto()`` and ``write()``
methods. If ``None`` is passed, previously set redirection is cancelled.
Duplicate or switch the MicroPython terminal (the REPL) on the given stream-like
object. The *stream_object* argument must implement the ``readinto()`` and
``write()`` methods. The stream should be in non-blocking mode and
``readinto()`` should return ``None`` if there is no data available for reading.
After calling this function all terminal output is repeated on this stream,
and any input that is available on the stream is passed on to the terminal input.
The *index* parameter should be a non-negative integer and specifies which
duplication slot is set. A given port may implement more than one slot (slot 0
will always be available) and in that case terminal input and output is
duplicated on all the slots that are set.
If ``None`` is passed as the *stream_object* then duplication is cancelled on
the slot given by *index*.
The function returns the previous stream-like object in the given slot.