pip-micropython: Add deprecation notice, but still leave for reference.

Paul Sokolovsky 8 years ago
parent 32eb4b9055
commit dd0e24f4b0

@ -5,6 +5,12 @@
# complete library snapshot to be deployed on a device for baremetal
# ports (if PIP_MICROPY_DEST environment var is set).
# Note: this tool is deprecated in favor of "upip" native MicroPython
# package manager, which is bundled with MicroPython unix binary
# as a frozen module and can be run as "micropython -u pip" or installed
# from PyPI package "micropython-upip". This utility is left for
# reference, regression testing, debugging, etc.
if [ "$1" != "install" ]; then
echo "Only install command is supported currently"