Describe git commit messages conventions.

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Git commit conventions
Each commit message should start with a directory or full file path
prefix, so it was clear which part of codebase a commit affects. If
a change affects one file, it's better to use path to a file. If it
affects few files in a subdirectory, using subdirectory as a prefix
is ok. For longish paths, it's acceptable to drop intermediate
components, which still should provide good context of a change.
It's also ok to drop file extensions.
Besides prefix, first line of a commit message should describe a
change clearly and to the point, and be a grammatical sentence with
final full stop. First line should fit within 78 characters. Examples
of good first line of commit messages:
py/objstr: Add splitlines() method.
py: Rename FOO to BAR.
docs/machine: Fix typo in reset() description.
ports: Switch to use lib/foo instead of duplicated code.
After the first line, add an empty line and in following lines describe
a change in a detail, if needed. Any change beyond 5 lines would likely
require such detailed description.
To get good practical examples of good commits and their messages, browse
thry the `git log` of the project.
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